Michelle Heaton exclusive: ‘I won’t be going on The Voice like Kevin Simm – I know my limitations!’

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As a self-confessed fitness freak, Michelle Heaton makes no secret of her love of working out and eating healthily.

The 36-year-old, who shares daughter Faith, four, and 23-month-old son AJ with husband Hugh Hanley, has opened up about implementing her healthy eating into family life without forcing her lifestyle on the kids.

Former Liberty X singer Michelle recently teamed up with Bearfaced Groceries which was launched to give customers food direct from the supplier, meaning products aren’t left to languish on the supermarket shelf.

Speaking exclusively to Closer Online, Michelle explained: “As a family woman I think it’s really important to feed my family healthy food. I’m constantly looking for the freshest produce available and I want it as organic as possible, without the messing around.

“Bearfaced Groceries get the produce from the source and give it straight to you – cutting out the middle man. It’s literally the freshest you can possibly get, as it’s coming straight from the farmers or homegrown areas to your door.”

One look at Michelle’s Instagram will tell anybody that she loves keeping fit, but she knows the importance of allowing her children to choose the food they’re eating.

She continued: “I try to tailor to each person what I’ll give them at meal time. AJ doesn’t like much meat, so if I’m making Shepherds Pie I give him more vegetables and might put chickpeas on his plate.

“I implement the foods so I’m not making lots of different meals, but I make sure everybody is happy. Also I’m not going to force feed my kids what they don’t want, either. It’s about dressing it up as kids are easily fooled if you can present healthy food to them in an interesting way.”

Even Michelle’s ‘cheat’ snacks are healthy: she makes her own sweet protein bars!

“I make them without the protein powder in them for the kids,” she said. “But if I haven’t got time to make anything I have raisin Quest bars. But I’m more of a savoury person anyway.”

Earlier this month Michelle’s former band mate Kevin Simm wowed judges on BBC’s The Voice when he auditioned with a sensational version of Sia’s Chandelier.

But, despite Kevin’s success, Michelle has no plans to return to the music industry.

She added: “I know my limitations! I love singing, performing and being on stage. I did panto last year and I think musical theatre is up my street but I don’t think there’s a career for me in the music industry.”

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