Megan McKenna reveals morning sickness ‘cure’ and we are LOVING IT

Forget sniffing peppermint, drinking ginger or baying at the moon to try and cure pregnancy ills

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Former TOWIE star Megan McKenna has revealed her go-to for making her feel better when morning sickness hits and we are SO here for it.

Megan announced she was pregnant to fans on April 4 with a CUTE post that also included her own song, This, which is a nice touch. She hasn't revealed her due date, so we're going to make an educated guess that she's in the second trimester, and it seems that the morning sickness has hit hard.

For anyone who's currently suffering from morning / every waking second of every day sickness we feel you (not literally).

We also know that you'll be given all kinds of advice from people ranging from well intentioned friends to actual medical professionals and nothing. ruddy. helps.

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Megan has described it as like a hangover and we get that.

And maybe that's why her morning sickness cure is so similar to what some people may go to if they've hit the sauce a little too hard.

Megan McKenna looks angry
Megan starred in series 17 - 21 of TOWIE ©ITV

Taking to Instagram, Megan told fans that to combat her pregnancy nausea she'd hit Maccies, hard.

Sitting in her car, Megan opened her brown paper bag of greasy delight and revealed her order.
"So what I do is I order an egg with cheese and two slices of bacon," she told fans.

"He's given me two hash browns? Oh, I've got three. I take it back. This is what I get for my McDonald's breakfast. Yes, this is actually all gluten-free believe it or not. And then obviously a s**tload of ketchup on the side."

She went on, "I get a frozen strawberry lemonade. Honestly, this is the best drink you will ever try. Every time I drink it, it's like the first time I've tried it."

She also ordered an orange juice and a Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. Because: hydration.

Megan announced she was engaged to Oliver Burke, a professional footballer who plays for Birmingham FC, in June 2023 after five months of dating.

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