Do you live in the UK’s sexiest area? New relationship survey reveals who’s getting it on and who’s getting turned off


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The nation’s sex and relationship habits have been revealed.

A new survey by Take a Break magazine has unveiled what’s really going on behind closed doors and uncovered some surprising results. Based on a sample of 2,303, of which 2075 were females and 226 males, responses were collected via the magazine, online and social media platforms.

So where do you fit in with what was discovered?

The survey found that Londoners are having the most sex, the Scots are the most adventurous, Northerners are the most loyal and trusting while those living in the South West are having the least sex and are least likely to sleep in the same bed as their partner.

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Are you an adventurous Scot or a trusting Northerner? ©alamy

Perhaps least surprising of all the results was that social media is increasingly affecting our relationships. Those living in the West Midlands have argued the most with their partner about a picture or a post on social media while 36% of those living in Scotland admitted to looking at their partner’s ex on social media. We've all been there thought right?

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Social media can have a negative effect on relationships

Commenting on the results, Editor Rebecca Fleming said: 'We asked our readers to tell us what really goes on in Britain's bedrooms - and they didn't hold back. The results of our survey are fascinating, shocking - and utterly compelling. It's made us all view our relationships in a new light.'

And these weren't the only findings. Check out some of the other rather enlightening facts and figures:

**More than one in ten **people would trade their partner for a lottery win.

**Two in ten **feel they have settled for less than they deserve with their partner.

**72 per cent **of people would tell their partner if they thought they needed to lose weight.

One in ten people have done something sneaky to try and control their partner’s weight, such as hiding the biscuit tin.

**Nearly a quarter **of people admitted they think they are better looking than their partner.

**7 per cent **of people have been on dating apps behind their partner’s back.

**20 per cent **of men would sleep with someone else if they knew their partner would never find out.

**16 per cent **of over 45s admitted they ‘never’ have sex with their partner.

**25 per cent **of those surveyed don’t always sleep in the same bed as their partner while 4% say they don’t ever sleep in the same bed as their partner.

One in ten people surveyed don’t think their partner makes a good parent.

**One in ten **people would like to leave their partner but say they wouldn’t be financially stable on their own.

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