You know you’re turning into your mother when…

Are you turning into your mother? This hilarious GIF article sums up exactly what happens when you turn into your mammy…


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Yeah, we totally do.

Why? Because we think you might be turning into yours.

Now don't be like that… because we know it's true.

First things first, you've found yourself using the same strange phrases as her…

Even if you don't understand them yourself.

You love to keep your own place tidy…

Your teenage bedroom is a thing of the past, yeah?

You've used the words "back in my day…" whilst berating your own child.

"BACK IN MY DAY, MUSIC HAD MORE WORDS IN IT!" - remind you of anyone?

Not to mention this iconic phrase:

Remember how much that one annoyed you as a kid?

And you've conveniently forgotten that you yourself made a LOT of the same mistakes they're making now.


**All your slang words? Well, they're hideously out of date. **

Oh very dear.

And you often get caught pulling the EXACT SAME FACIAL EXPRESSIONS as your mum does.

Mmmmmhmmm, yup. It's creepy.

**Then there was that one time you unexpectedly caught sight of yourself in the mirror, and for a split second you thought she's walked in. **


And the slightly embarrassing fact that don't understand the latest social media trend.

"Can I 'like' your Twitter page? Where can I find a Vine? Help me."

In fact, technology eludes you.

Since when did life get so tricky?

p>There's also the fact that, sometimes, a good bargain gets you more excited than sex.


You tend to have issues with the younger generation.

Who do they think they are, anyway?

And you often catch yourself saying things like "is she REALLY wearing a skirt without tights? She'll freeze to death!" when walking past girls on their way to school.

Because seriously kids… it's cold out there.

ON THAT NOTE: You're the one reminding everyone to grab a coat before they leave the house.

Like we said, it's cold out there.

For some strange reason, your kids think your taste in music / film / television is seriously lame.

No matter how much you tell them otherwise.

And when you DO watch their shows with them, you tend to spend a lot of time asking what's going on.

"Is that so-and-so from that film with what's-his-name?"

You hate eating dinner after 8pm.

You need time to digest before bed.

ON THAT NOTE: You can think of nothing worse than getting to bed later than 11pm…

Erm, hello? We need our beauty sleep.

**Or excessive noise in pubs /restaurants / clubs. **

"All I want to do is be able to hear myself speak - is that so hard?"

Unless it's the kind of noise you can crack out some awesome mum-dancing moves to.

Get into the groove and all that jazz.

You tend to think mostly all of life's problems can be solved with a cup of tea.

Tea… or fresh air. Godsends, both of them.

Yet you're STILL the one everybody goes to for life advice.


And it's all about the little things…

Ladder-resistant tights, warm socks, keyring torches… you get the picture.

Which is why you tend to throw all the free salt sachets / tea stirrers / ketchup pots and so on when you're out.

Hey, it ain't stealing if it's FO' FREE - it's just good sense!

And why comfy shoes get you VERY excited.

Who needs pointy heels anyway? Wide-fitting comfort is where it's AT, babies!

Also, spanx.

You love spanx. Control underwear is the best.

But, despite it all, you don't mind too much…

Because your mum is awesome - fact.

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