Introducing the wedding favours that help eradicate child marriage

These beautiful but incredibly important wedding tokens should be welcomed by all brides.

wedding favours to end child marriage

by Hayley Kadrou |
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There are so many tiny details to planning a wedding; the flower arrangements, the choice of wine you’ll serve, the dress you’ll wear.... OK, that last one is no small detail but you get the point.

Amongst all these little-yet-crucial choices to make, one decision has just got MUCH easier.

wedding favours to end child marriage
wedding favours ©alamy/plan

Yes, we’ve found the perfect wedding favours every bride needs to use, regardless of colour schemes or venue vibes.

Because every single one of these wedding favours by charity Plan you buy goes towards helping rescue children from underage marriage.

This favours come in the form of a delightful ring, which is will go towards the charity’s work to end child marriage, focusing within problem regions such as Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Each band is inscribed with the words ‘end child marriage’ and come in a range of boxes that can be personalised towards you and your partner’s preference. Within the box will be a message urging guests to: “WEAR IT. END IT. SHARE IT.”

On Plan’s website, they’ve outline the real difference the work they do makes.

They stated: “Last year, our advocacy efforts helped to ensure that Guatemala rose the age of marriage from 14 to 18.

wedding favours to end child marriage
wedding favours ©alamy/plan

As well as the money that will be raised, by gifting this ring to all of your special guests the awareness for this tragic injustice will continue to grow, and hopefully help towards the effort to stamp out this snatching of childhood and innocence.

Plan explains: “But every 2 seconds, a girl, often as young as 14, is refused that right and forced into marriage.”

It’s recommended you donate £2 per.

For more information on the work they do, check out the Plan website here:

And to check out the wedding favours for yourself, click the link below:

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