Getting ready for a baby: 22 DIY projects to craft for your newborn (and their nursery!)

Getting ready for a new arrival? Transform your baby’s nursery (and wardrobe) with these amazing DIY projects…


by Kayleigh Dray |
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1) A baby dinosaur

How gorgeous is this little cutie?


You can make your own baby dinosaur, out of any material you like (why not match your baby’s nursery?) by following the simple instructions over at First Day of Mae.

2) A wooden play gym

This natural homemade play gym is much prettier than the plastic versions you can buy in the shops - and you can swap out the toys as your baby grows older.

You could even try turning it into a special teepee tent for your little one when they reach toddler age!


Get the full instructions over at the amazing Empty Handed now.

3) A homemade pom-pom rug

We’re absolutely in love with this super-soft bedside (or should that be cotside?) rug - and, amazingly, it’s actually VERY easy to make.


Get the full instructions on how to recreate this cute bitta baby nursery clobber over at Say Yes now.

4) A baby crib skirt

Maximise space by stashing your baby equipment under the cot - but make sure you keep things covered up and looking Pinterest-perfect with a homemade crib skirt.


All you need to do is grab some fabric to suit your baby’s nursery and head on over to Make It, Love It for the tutorial.

5) A set of clear plastic bookshelves

Picture books are always beautiful, so it seems a shame not to show them off.

And these clear plastic shelves will help you do just that!


Find out how to recreate these super-sweet bookshelves for yourself over at This Little Street.

6) A unique piece of artwork

Why not create a beautiful piece of artwork to hang in your little one’s room? We’re particularly enamoured with this cute giraffe DIY project.


Visit Make It, Love It to find out how to recreate it for yourself at home.

7) A baby mobile

Rather than buying a plastic mobile, why not make one yourself? This hot air balloon design is stunning - and can be displayed in a child’s room just as easily as it can be a baby’s nursery, giving it serious staying power.


Get the tutorial over at How Joyful now.

8) A wooden cradle

If you have the space for it, a rocking cradle is an absolute must - especially when it’s a cute homemade one like this wooden moon cradle.

Made from reclaimed pallet wood, it’s a good way of recycling - not to mention a lovely little snoozing area for baby.

Get the details over at 1001 Pallets now.

9) A door latch cover (or two!)

Babies are notoriously light sleepers, so make sure you don’t wake them up when you peek in on them with these door lacy covers.

Just slip the elastics over each doorknob and the door will shut silently!


Check out the must-read DIY tutorial over at Practically Functional now.

10) A DIY letter wall

Your baby has got a lot to learn - so why not get them started with this beautiful home-made alphabet wall?


Get the A-Z on how to make this one for yourself over at The Love Nerds now.

11) A cover-all

Forget the bib; your baby needs a cover-everything ‘baby apron’ - better known as a ‘bapron’.

And, better still, you can make one yourself from scratch!


Think of all the crumbs and spills and mess that will save, eh?

Get the super-handy tutorial over at Craftiness Is Not Optional now.

12) A baby sun hat

Stop your little one’s skin from burning in the sun with this adorable homemade sun hat.


Get the details over at Delia Creates now.

13) A baby sleeping-bag

Keep your little 'un snug and warm in this padded sleeping bag - perfect for extra comfort on plane flights, long car rides, or afternoons out.


Get the tutorial over at Burda Style now.

14) A stash of burp cloths

If you want to keep the shoulders of your clothes free of upchucked milk, you’ll definitely want to invest in a few burp cloths.

And these easy-to-make lovelies are just as practical as they are beautiful.


Visit the DIY Network now for the full instructions.

15) A teething toy

There’s nothing more distressing than seeing your baby is uncomfortable, so it’s best to prepare for the difficult teething stage now.


This goldfish teether crochet pattern is a little fiddly, but it’s well worth the effort. Plus the fish contains a rattle, so your little one will have plenty of fun with it, too.

Get the tutorial over at 1 Dog Woof now.

16) A dummy clip

Say goodbye to lost or dropped dummies; this clever gadget means that they’ll stay clipped onto your baby’s outfit all day long.


Trust us when we say it’ll be a total godsend!

Get the details over at Make it, Love It now.

17) An organised wardrobe

If there’s one thing we know about babies, it’s this; they have a LOT of clothes.

Keep things in order with this stylish and super-organised wardrobe:


Check out the handy tutorial over at The Avid Appetite now.

18) A play tent

This will be absolutely perfect for when baby starts exploring:


Isn’t it cute?

Get the instructions on how to make this handmade hideaway over at Apartment Therapy now.

19) A toy box

Keep your little one’s toys off the floor (always a miracle in itself) and tidied away with this clever toy box.

With wheels on the bottom and a cushioned top, it’s sure to become a firm favourite with many parents and kids.


Find out how to make it for yourself over at This Little Street now.

20) A night light

No little one likes to be left alone in the dark, so why not soothe their nighttime worries with a homemade night light?


Get the details for this chic pyramid LED light over at Useful DIY now.

21) A washing basket

Set up a little washing basket area in your baby’s nursery to keep dirty laundry at bay.


Isn’t this little guy foxy?

Get the tutorial over at All About Ami now.

22) A string of bunting

Teach your little one how to write their name with this homemade burlap bunting.


Get the details over at Make It, Love It now.

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