Baby name inspiration: Top 64 Game of Thrones baby names – and their meanings

Check out these unique Game of Thrones inspired baby names and their beautiful meanings

game of thrones baby names

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Game Of Thrones is, without a doubt, one of the most popular shows that's ever been on TV and now House of the Dragon is here.

And, while the show may have made a name for itself as being more than a little bloodthirsty, the medieval HBO drama seems to have had a BIG impact on baby names all over the world.

It’s easy to see why; packed full of intriguing and magical-sounding names, these medieval monikers are surefire winners for parents who want their child to stand out from all the Jacks and Jessicas in their classroom.

Check it out…

Top 32 baby girl names inspired by Game of Thrones

  • Arya (aka Arya Stark): Noble

  • Arianne (aka Arianne Martell): Very holy one

  • Asha (aka Asha Greyjoy): Life

  • Brienne (aka Brienne of Tarth): Strong

  • Catelyn (aka Cat Stark): Pure

  • Cersei (aka Cersei Lannister): Enchantress

  • Daenerys (aka Daenerys Targaryen): Born of the storm

  • Ella (aka Ellaria Sand): Beautiful fairy

  • Elia (aka Elia Sand): Jehovah is God

  • Gilly (aka Gilly Craster): My joy

  • Lysa (aka Lysa Arryn): God is my oath

  • Jeyne (aka Jayne Poole): Gift from God

  • Khaleesi (aka Daenerys Targaryen): Queen

  • Marjorie (aka Margaery Tyrell): Pearl

  • Meera (aka Meera Reed): Prosperous

  • Melisandre (aka The Red Woman): Strength, determination

  • Miranda (aka Myranda of House Bolton): Worthy of admiration

  • Myrcella (aka Myrcella Baratheon): Princess

  • Nymeria (aka Nymeria Sand): Warrior queen

  • Olenna (aka Olenna Tyrell): Shining light

  • Osha (aka Osha the Wildling): Bear

  • River (aka Brynden Rivers): Of the river

  • Roslin (aka Roslin Frey): Red haired

  • Ros (aka Ros of Winterfell): Red

  • Sansa (aka Sansa Stark): Praise, charm

  • Shae (aka Shae of Lorath): Courteous

  • Shireen (aka Shireen Baratheon): Gentle, delicate

  • Snow (aka Jon Snow): Snow

  • Summer (aka Summer the Direwolf): Born during the summer

  • Talisa (aka Talisa Stark): Forest

  • Yara (aka Yara Greyjoy): Precious gem

  • Ygritte (aka Ygritte the Wildling): Wild heron / bird

Top 32 baby boy names inspired by Game Of Thrones

  • Benjen (aka Benjen Stark): Son of the South

  • Bran (aka Bran Stark): Raven

  • Davos (aka Davos Seaworth): Beloved

  • Doran (aka Doran Martell): Wanderer

  • Eddard (aka Eddard Stark): Blessed guard

  • Jamie (aka Jaime Lannister): He grasps the heel

  • Joffrey (aka Joffrey Baratheon): Traveller

  • Jojen (aka Jojen Reed): God is gracious

  • Jon (aka Jon Snow): God has given

  • Jorah (aka Jorah Mormont): He has reproached

  • Kevin (aka Kevan Lannister): Handsome by birth

  • Loras (aka Loras Tyrell): Sorrow

  • Mace (aka Mace Tyrell): Powerful weapon

  • Ned (aka Ned Stark): Rich

  • Olly (aka Olly of Castle Black): Elf warrior

  • Peter (aka Petyr Baelish): Rock

  • Quentin (aka Quentyn Martell): The fifth

  • Ramsay (aka Ramsay Bolton): Wild garlic

  • Randall (aka Randyll Tarly): Wolf

  • Rickon (aka Rickon Stark): Innocent

  • Robb (aka Robb Stark): Famed

  • Robert (aka Robert Baratheon): Bright, shining

  • Robin (aka Robin Arryn): Famed, bright, shining

  • Roderick (aka Rodrik Cassel): Famous ruler

  • Roose (aka Roose Bolton): Rose

  • Sam (aka Samwell Tarly): God has heard

  • Snow (aka Jon Snow): Snow

  • Theon (aka Theon Greyjoy): Godly

  • Tom (aka Tommen Baratheon): Twin

  • Tristan (aka Trystane Martell): Outcry

  • Tyrion (aka Tyrion Lannister): Nobility

  • Walder (aka Walder Frey): Forest dweller

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