Disney inspiration for a truly magical baby nursery

Fancy giving your baby a truly magical nursery? Check out these Disney-inspired ideas…

Disney DIY baby nursery

by Kayleigh Dray |
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When you welcome your own little prince or princess into the world, it usually feels like you’ve finally found your own happy ever after, too.

So it makes sense that so many parents want to inject some Disney magic into their baby’s nursery.

From DIY projects to items you can buy online, check out these cute ideas below…

1) Never Grow Up

Disney DIY baby nursery
©Etsy / Pinterest

This wall art - inspired by Disney’s Peter Pan - is just £14.15 from Etsy. And, better still, it’s VERY easy to apply.

2) Once Upon A Dream

Disney DIY baby nursery
©Etsy / Pinterest

This beautiful lampshade is £46 from Etsy - and we love the special message it lights up wit each night.

3) We Are Not Alone

Disney DIY baby nursery
©Etsy / Pinterest

Why not cover up all your plug sockets and power outlets with these enchanting little doors - so reminiscent of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland?

You can get the full DIY tutorial over on Kate’s Creative Space now.

4) When The Last Petal Falls…

Disney DIY baby nursery
©Etsy / Pinterest

This iconic image from Disney’s Beauty And The Beast is so easy to make. Just visit Paul Pape's Tumblr page now for the full instructions.

5) Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

This clever tutorial teaches you how to make a piece of wall art any Frozen fan would be proud of - and it features your very own Olaf, too!

6) If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Don’t Say Nothing At All

Disney DIY baby nursery
©Etsy / Pinterest

This adorable blanket will ensure comfort for your little angel throughout the night! Available for £22.95 from the Disney Store.

7) Deep In The Hundred Acre Wood

Disney DIY baby nursery
©Etsy / Pinterest

For just £8.50, you can show your little one all the wonders of Winnie The Pooh and Tigger’s home. Head to Etsy now to snap it up for yourself…

8) Hunny!

Disney DIY baby nursery
©Etsy / Pinterest

You could make this Winnie The Pooh inspired mobile yourself easily enough, but you can also buy it ready-made from Etsy if you’re feeling lazy…

9) Peter Pan’s Shadow

Yup, you can really make this magical homage to Peter Pan all by yourself. Just visit Busy Mom’s Helper for more details.

10) You Are Our Greatest Adventure

Disney DIY baby nursery
©Etsy / Pinterest

Fans of Disney’s Up will love this poignant wall art motif, available for £12.02 from Etsy.

11) The Paradise Fund

Why have a piggy bank when you can have an Up-themed Paradise Fund, eh? This is REALLY easy to make yourself; you just need a bottle, some glue, felt tips, and an old envelope. Oh, and coins - but they’ll come later!

12) Practically Perfect In Every Way

This growth chart idea, inspired by Mary Poppins, is perfection.

13) Bambi

Disney DIY baby nursery
©Etsy / Pinterest

These beautiful building blocks all feature designs from Disney’s Bambi - and they’re made from natural wood, too! Snaffle your own for £19.81 from Etsy now.

14) Let’s Go Fly A Kite

This beautiful idea, found on 100 Layer Cake is VERY simple to whip up yourself - and is a beautiful homage to Disney’s Mary Poppins.

15) A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

How gorgeous is this DIY canopy, inspired by Disney’s Cinderella? You can find the full tutorial over on Make It, Love It now.

16) Just Keep Swimming

Disney DIY baby nursery
©Etsy / Pinterest

If you’re a dab hand with calligraphy, you could give this a go with any of your favourite Disney quotes - but we’re head over heels in love with this positive ready-made affirmation from Disney’s Finding Nemo. Buy it now on Etsy.

17) Meet Mickey

How clever is this? Get the easy DIY tutorial over on Momma Rambles now.

18) When You Wish Upon A Star

How pretty is this? Visit Disney baby for more information on how to recreate your bubba’s very own starlit sky .

19) Up, Up And Away!

This mural - inspired by Disney’s Up - is breathtaking. Get the know-how over on Moorefield Murals now.

20) The Clock Struck 12…

This is a subtle nod to Disney’s Peter Pan, but we bet your little one will love it as they grow up. Find the DIY tutorial over on Design Bump now.

21) I’m Feeling Rumbly In My Tumbly

This is ridiculously adorable, isn’t it Winnie The Pooh fans?

22) My Name’s Eeyore

Disney DIY baby nursery
©Etsy / Pinterest

Sure, you could try making this hot air balloon lamp yourself - but you could just as easily bag one from eBay too!

23) Faith, Trust And Pixie Dust

All you need to whip this one up is a glass bottle, some glitter, and a well-penned label…

24) You Are A Toy!

This post, pinned from Project Nursery, is packed full of ideas for a Toy Story inspired nursery, isn’t it?

25) Look At This Stuff…

… isn’t it neat? We love this nod to Disney’s Ariel - visit 73 Blog for more info on making up your very own mermaid room.

26) Second Star To The Right

Disney DIY baby nursery
©Etsy / Pinterest

This lamp, inspired by Peter Pan’s directions to Neverland, is available for £35.30 on Etsy.

27) You Are What Happened When I Wished Upon A Star

This is just too beautiful.

28) To The Scare Floor

We love Disney’s Pixar - especially when it’s Monsters Inc related. Wouldn’t your own little monster just love this?

29) I Look At You And I’m Home

Disney DIY baby nursery
©Etsy / Pinterest

This quote from Disney’s Finding Nemo gets us every single time. Buy the framed copy over at Etsy now.

30) You’re My Biggest Adventure

Disney DIY baby nursery
©Etsy / Pinterest

If you hadn’t guessed by now, we LOVE Disney’s Up! You can buy this mobile ready-made from Etsy or you can make it yourself from coloured felts, wood, and string. Go on, give it a go!

Which of these Disney baby nursery ideas do you love the most?

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