DEBATE: Is it wrong to kiss your children on the lips?

To mark the fifth birthday of her youngest child, Harper, last week, Victoria Beckham shared a photo on Instagram of her kissing her daughter on the lips.

Celeb debate Victoria beckham kissing Harper

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Victoria Beckham, 42, wrote: “Happy Birthday baby girl... We all love you so much... Kisses from mummy X.”

But the image sparked a huge online backlash, with some followers deeming it “wrong” and “passionate”.

One user even called the fashion designer a “lesbian,” while another fan wrote: “Lips are for intimate moments, a cheek for your children is enough!”

Another said: “That’s one passionate kiss right there… Hope she gets so passionate with David… TOTALLY WRONG.”

However, many rushed to Victoria’s defence – including her son Romeo, who posted on Facebook: “I still love my mother’s kisses.”

Hundreds of defiant parents also uploaded shots of themselves kissing their children on the lips to show their support.

So we asked two celebrity parents to give their opinions on the debate that set social media alight...

Chloe Sims

TOWIE star Chloe Sims, 33, who is mum to 11-year-old Madison, says:

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“I don’t like how some people are making out that a mother kissing her daughter is a weird thing. I thought it was a beautiful picture.

"I still treat Madison like a baby – I kiss her on the lips. She’s the love of my life. Though I probably won’t when she’s a teenager.

I treat my daughter like a baby and kiss her on the lips

"I gave birth to her, I carried her for nine months. It’s really bad that people are making it a bad thing because other mothers might see that and think they can’t kiss their baby on the lips.

"What’s next – you can’t cuddle your own children? Why can’t Victoria post a picture of her kissing her daughter on the lips?

"I wouldn’t think twice about putting up a picture of me and Maddie like that. I’m so surprised that people are giving her stick for it.”

Lizzie Cindy:

TV presenter Lizzie Cundy, 46, is mum to Josh, 21, and James, 16, and says:

Lizzie Cundy ©Alamy

“It was a lovely picture that Victoria posted of her kissing Harper, but I can see why it caused such a backlash.

"Whether adults should be kissing kids on the lips is a tricky issue that has clearly divided opinion.

Victoria is leaving herself open to criticism

“Social media wasn’t around when my sons were that young, but I definitely wouldn’t have posted a picture like that as I feel you’re just opening yourself up to criticism.

"I don’t think there’s anything wrong with kissing your kids on the lips, but there’s no way my boys would let me now!

“I know Victoria, and she’s a fantastic mother, so it’s unfair that she’s getting all this negative attention – but I think a picture of her cuddling Harper or kissing her forehead would have been just as touching and wouldn’t have caused such a stir.”

What do you make of their opinions?

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