These are the top 10 reasons parents lose it with their kids


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A study has found that these are the top 10 most common arguments to break out in a family household - and they will not surprise you in the slightest...

Once children become teenagers, arguments can break out much more often between them and their parents than they did before - but what are the most common causes of a temper tantrum?

Household favourites Dolmio have commissioned a study to find out what the top 10 most common family arguments are - and we're sure you'll be nodding along as you read.

The study also found that parents spend six full days arguing with their children over the course of a year.

Imagine what you could do with that time!

Parents spend six full days a year arguing with their children (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

The top 10 causes of domestic dramas and rows are... Drum roll please:

  1. Getting the children to go to bed

  2. Getting the children to do their homework

  3. Getting the children to stop watching

  4. Encouraging children to eat their vegetables

  5. Getting the children to stop fighting or arguing with each other

  6. Children refusing to eat the food which is put in front of them

  7. Getting the children to come to the dinner table

  8. Getting the children to clean their teeth

  9. Getting the children into the bath or shower

  10. Getting the children to stop asking the same questions

See? We told you. They're REALLY not that surprising.

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