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They earn millions and have no shortage of female admirers but, last week, Olympian Usain Bolt, 29, urged footballers not to marry before they have "lived".

The runner also commented: "It’s hard for you to stay with one woman because girls are literally just throwing themselves at you” – oddly directing his comment at England captain Wayne Rooney, who married Coleen when they were both 22.

Usain Bolt

Usain even added that he won’t think about getting married until he’s at least 35. But what if the shoe’s on the other foot – should women also play the field before getting hitched?

Lizzie Cundy: 'Never marry young – you change so much!’

TV presenter Lizzie Cundy, 46, was married to footballer Jason Cundy for 17 years, but they split after he had an affair in 2010.

She says: "I married really young at 21, but I wouldn’t advise people to follow my example. I think you change so much between your 20s and 30s, you might then find out that you picked the wrong person.

"Saying that, I wouldn’t change anything because I have two gorgeous sons (Josh, 21, and James, 16) – yet if Josh told me he was getting married tomorrow, I would have a heart attack! I wouldn’t want him to regret his choice later on.

Lizzie Cundy

"I do think Usain has a point that footballers are slightly mad to settle down young, as they often end up cheating on their partners because they have so many girls queuing up to jump on them, and they feel they haven’t played the field enough.

"They live in a different bubble to everyone else and I think it makes it difficult to commit. They spend so much time training, with the spare time they have off the pitch, they want to party!"

Carol Wright: ‘You know when you’ve met the love of your life!’

The Only Way Is Essex star Carol Wright, 56, has been married to Mark Wright Snr for 32 years.

She is mum to reality stars Jess, 30, and Mark, 29, as well as footballer Josh, 26, and Natalya, 16.

She says: "I was married at 23 and I felt like an old bride back then! It’s different for the new generation because they tend to have kids now before tying the knot.

Carol Wright

"I have no regrets about marrying young – you know when you’ve met the love of your life! Mark was the best-looking guy I had ever seen and we had a tremendous connection – that’s stood the test of 32 years.

"We could still enjoy a fun lifestyle – we had an au pair and asked family to help us out with the kids. I had my fourth child at 40 so I hope she gets married young as I’m getting old – and I love a wedding!

"It’s harder for footballers to feel settled at a young age because they lead such extreme lives, but you can find the odd few who are happy and loyal to their young families. If you find the right person, go for it and you won’t be disappointed!"

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