Cindy Elf, Strawberry & Dog: Hilarious baby names, as suggested by children

A pregnant school teacher has shared the 21 HILARIOUS baby names her young pupils suggested to her…


by Cate Sutherland |
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Julie Siakpere, 35, from Wisconsin, USA, got some unexpected help from her pupils on potential baby names.

And the results were pure genius.

Julie had left early one day for a doctor’s appointment - and, naturally, her pupils were curious as to where she’d disappeared to.

As soon as they found out, they decided they wanted to help in any way they can… particularly when it came to naming her unborn bubba.

"[The kids] asked where I was and it kind of sparked what [gender] I was having and the names," she explained.

"My co-teacher surprised me with it the next day."

The list was presented with a poster titled: "Is Miss Julie having a girl or boy? What should she name baby?"

Here’s what the 21 kids came up with…

Baby girl names:

    Baby boy names:

      Ah, Potato; that classic boy’s name just rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?

      Julie told ABC News: "Being with four and five year olds is definitely an experience.

      “Their personalities came out [in this project]. We have some pretty funny kids."

      Julie’s cousin posted the list on Reddit where it went viral with over a million views.

      Princess Elsa was a surprise omission from the girls list, so we’re rooting for Elephant!

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