Christmas gifts for the love in your life – that aren’t cheesy

And they're all less than £30!

Closer Christmas gifts

by Emma Dodds |
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Christmas can be really quite a trying and stressful time if you don't have a natural knack for buying presents.

Thinking of things to buy everyone that you need to get a present for is nigh on impossible if you don't have an innate ability for gift-giving.

This ESPECIALLY applies to those of us with boyfriends. If your relationship is still fairly new, you might not feel like you know them very well at all, but if you've been together for a while, you may have run out of good ideas.

Never fear. We have come to your aid! We've got you covered for almost every possible Christmas present requirement for your loved-one which would be guaranteed to make them squirm. Even with links to buy things directly. You're welcome!

Culturally relevant Christmas jumpers

Star Wars Darth Vader Christmas jumper

Closer Christmas gift guide

You may not be a Star Wars fan, but if your other half is, they will LOVE this jumper. Vader is such a meanie that it's really quite hilarious to see him sat with his arm on a piano in such a festive scene as this.

Star Wars Vader on a piano jumper, Amazon, £15.95

Queen Christmas jumper

Closer Christmas gift guide

The iconic image of Freddie Mercury and pals has been Christmas-ed up - with the addition of Christmas hats. We know this one may not appeal to your other halves' tastes, but we couldn't not include it. It's Brian May wearing a Father Christmas hat!

Queen 'Snowhemian Rhapsody' jumper, Amazon, £29.95

Batman Christmas jumper

Batman Christmas jumper

This Christmas jumper is a little more retro than the others - but still perfect for the Batman fan in your life. It's got almost all the elements - a Batman, The Joker, the Batmobile, an outline of Gotham City - and the renowned Bat signal.

Batman jumper, Amazon, £13.99

Star Wars carol singing jumper

Closer Christmas gift guide

There's yet ANOTHER ironic and hilarious Star Wars Christmas jumper for your superfan sweetheart. Starring everyone's favourite characters from the original series: Luke Skywalker, Leia Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca the Wookiee, they just look so Christmassy don't they!

Star Wars Christmas carols jumper, Amazon, £15.95

Back To The Future Christmas jumper

Back to the future Christmas jumper

This Back to The Future Christmas jumper is in a similar vein as the Batman Christmas jumper, in that it's more of an homage to the film and featuring all the main elements - like Marty McFly's shoes, the Town Hall with lightning coming off it, Marty's guitar, the number plate and - of course - the DeLorean. Complete with snowflakes on the sleeves - what more could you ask for of a Christmas jumper?!

Back To The Future jumper, Amazon, £15.99

Jurassic Park Christmas jumper

Closer Christmas gift guide

Featuring the most terrifying film antagonist from your childhood - but don't worry, dear old Rexy is wearing a Father Christmas hat, surrounded by snowflakes. She's not quite so scary, is she!

Jurassic Park jumper, Amazon, £29.95

For the Star Wars superfan

Millenium Falcon cufflinks

Closer Christmas gift guide

If your partner is a MASSIVE Star Wars fan but just not the type to go around shouting about it, these subtle cufflinks could be the answer to ALL their problems. Ok, maybe not all – but you won't go far wrong with these.

Millenium Falcon cufflinks, Etsy UK, £13.00

Obi Wan personalised mug

Closer Christmas gift guide

There's literally nothing better in this world than a play on words - except when it's STAR WARS-related. Yep, Obi Wan is one of the most-loved characters of the whole saga, so this mug would be spot on for anyone who loves Star Wars. You can even have their name put on the back so no-one can ever steal it.

'You're The Obi Wan For Me' personalised mug, Etsy UK, £8.00

Star Wars droid keyring

Closer Christmas gift guide

Ok, this gift is ever so slightly cheesy. But it's SO CUTE. You can't go far wrong with anything Obi Wan-related. In fact, a gift consisting of this and the above mug and you'd be sorted for presents for your boyfriend/partner for Christmas.

'I'm The Droid You're Looking For' keyring, Etsy UK, £7.00

Star Wars bottle opener

Closer Christmas gift guide

If your other half loves Star Wars AND alcohol, you'd really be doing them a disservice if you DIDN'T get them this Millenium Falcon bottle opener. And it's only £3.59...

Millenium Falcon bottle opener, Amazon, £3.59

Star Wars cookie tin

Closer Christmas gift guide

If we're being honest with ourselves, we've all got a treat drawer. Or maybe a section of a cupboard. Wouldn't it be so much easier to have this bicuit tin with Chewbacca's lovely, welcoming face saying hi every time you need a pick-me-up?

'Wookiee Cookies' biscuit tin, Amazon, £11.37

Star Wars heat mug

Closer Christmas gift guide

It seems as though this is just a boring mug. But once it touches heat - LIGHTSABERS show up. Do you really need any more convincing?!

Lightsaber heat-changing mug, Amazon, £8.97

Star Wars thumb-wrestling game

Closer Christmas gift guide

Perhaps your significant other isn't quite as silly or childish as we're imagining they might be based on our own experiences, but come on - it's thumb-wrestling with lightsabers! Who wouldn't love this?

Thumb-wrestling game, Amazon, £10.00

For the alcohol drinker

Beer holster

Closer Christmas gift guide

Does the love of your life fancy himself as a bit of a cowboy? Does he love Western films? Does he dress up as Woody from Toy Story at any opportunity? No? Oh well, he might still enjoy having a holster to hold his beer. Best of all, you can even get his name inscribed on it.

Personalised beer holster, Etsy UK, £22.94

Wall-mounted bottle opener

Closer Christmas gift guide

It's a proven, scientific fact that all men wish they could open up their own pub or bar. Ok, that's not true, but quite a lot of men seem to keep that as a back-up option in case their current careers don't work out. You can help them get into the spirit (ha) of it with this wall-mounted bottle opener.

Wall-mouted reclaimed wood bottle opener, Etsy UK, £19.95

Jägerbomb sweets

Closer Christmas gift guide

Some people really love the taste of a Jägerbomb, but it's not always appropriate to down a bomb in the middle of the day in your office. These sweets will fix that problem!

Jägerbomb-flavoured sweets, Not On The High Street, £12.49

Personalised whisky glass

Closer Christmas gift guide

If your other half is one of those sophisticated chaps who drinks whisky, wears a monocle and dresses in tweed, he'll almost definitely need a personalised whisky glass. Even if he doesn't like the other stuff, he'll appreciate a glass with his name on.

Personalised whisky glass, Not On The High Street, £20.00

For the gadget geek

Tetris desk light

tetris desk lamp

Is your SO a bit of a gamer geek? They'll be sure to love this Tetris desk lamp - it's retro, it's useful, it'll light up your room just enough to see your laptop screen without permanently damaging your eyes. Result!

Tetris desk light, I Want One Of Those, £21.99

USB fridge

USB mini fridge

Now this gift is sure to reinvent your partner's life. Especially when the weather starts to get a bit warmer - they can keep their drinks nice and cool without having to get up to go to the kitchen.

USB mini fridge, I Want One Of Those, £12.99

Magnetic phone dock

phone dock

One of the most annoying things in life is when you're charging your phone, and there's nothing to rest it on. You don't want to just leave it on the floor, as that will leave it open to getting stepped on. This magnetic phone dock will be a breath of fresh air, as you can attach it to anything - the wall, your car's dashboard, your dog... Why not?!

Magnetic phone dock, Not On The Hight Street, £19.99

Bluetooth shower speaker

shower speaker collage

Most shower radios just aren't up to the job, let's face it. Plus, what if you get in the shower for ten minutes, they play average songs, and as soon as you step out is when one of your faves comes on? This way, you can control what you listen to whilst you're scrubbing away.

Stick-on bluetooth shower speaker, MenKind, £14.99

For the bearded love of your life

Festive beard bells

Closer Christmas gifts

Yep, you've read that right. You can now get slide-in miniature Christmas bells to hang off of your beloved's beard. Is your other half akin to Buddy the Christmas Elf? Or are they more of a Grinch? Either way, these beard bells will perk them RIGHT up. You just may have to add them in whilst they're sleeping...

Christmas beard bells, Etsy UK, £4.99

Beard soap

Closer Christmas gift guide

There are some things you can't say aloud to your other half. "Darling, your face stinks - please wash your beard," we personally feel would not go down well with most blokes. However, you can say with without actually speaking those words - say it with a gift! Made from lovely natural ingredients, this beard soap will smell lovely AND clean up that grizzle. AND it's less than six quid!

Beard soap, Etsy UK, £5.63

Beard grooming kit

Closer Christmas gift guide

Likewise with the above, if your special someone is an absolute darling, but you just can't abide the mess on the bottom of their face, this complete beard grooming kit will get the message across without you having to be TOO explicit... Alternatively, if they're just starting to experiment with facial hair, this will make sure it stays tidy from the start.

Beard grooming kit, Not On The High Street, £25.00

Beard mug

Closer Christmas gift guide

Need something to show your other half how much a fan of their beard you are? This mug will do the trick. It reads: "With great beard comes great responsibility." Although not quite grammatically correct, we feel sure that the recipient will appreciate how fun this mug is.

'Great beard' mug, Not On The High Street, £10.75

Other odds and sods

Game Of Thrones chopping board

Closer Christmas gift guide

If you're struggling to get something for someone, this gift combines two great loves of modern males - cooking and Game Of Thrones. And it's practical, too!

'Dinner Is Coming' chopping board, Amazon, £11.95

Gamer matching keyrings

Closer Christmas gift guide

This is another slightly cheesy gift, we admit - however, if you and your other half are really into gaming, this will be a super cute gift that you can share. We just hope you can decide who should be Player 1?!

Gamer personalised keyrings, Etsy UK, £20.12

Toilet book

poo book

Come on, we're all friends here. Sometimes you need something to do whilst you're... well, on the dunny. Just make sure you take a pen in with you!

'52 Things To Do While You Poo' book, MenKind, £6.99

Wooden toy gun

Closer Christmas gift guide

This toy will give men an excuse to revert back to their childhood selves. It even comes with tiny toy animal targets - just make sure YOU don't get in the way. However, we wouldn't recommend this for any boyfriends who are either vegetarians or animal rights activists!

Rubber band gun with animal targets, Etsy UK, £17.71

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