CBBC under fire after showing ‘ISIS-style execution’ to children

Wait, what?

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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Many children are fans of Ooglies, an animated show which is aired on CBBC.

However the show has come under fire after an ‘extremely violent’ episode, which saw a sinister ‘toast jihadi’ beheading a boiled egg.

Yup, we know… but we’re deadly serious.

After the egg was decapitated, the ‘toast jihadi’ then happily leapt up and dunked his feet (do toast soldiers even HAVE feet?) in the yolk of his victim.

According to Angela Halliwell, who lodged a complain with Ofcom, the brief scene was worryingly similar to the brutal execution videos shown by Isis.

She said: “Kids could think extreme violence like beheading is normal.”


It seems as if Angela is not the only adult to have taken offence to the one-minute clip.

Taking to Twitter, someone else commented: “Although good humoured its a tragic thing to depict ESPECIALLY AS ITS AIMED AT CHILDREN.

“Shame on you @BBC”


Despite the fact that the toast DOES appear to be aggressive, we’re doubtful that he was based on a jihadi terrorist.

Firstly, there’s the fact that he moves around like a ninja warrior, with a series of complex jumps and high-pitched screams.

Secondly, the toast soldier never confirms that he is working for as an operative for any terrorist group.

And, thirdly, there’s the fact that the episode was a repeat - and it was filmed at least two years ago, long before Daesh’s execution videos, which were shown in 2014 and 2015.

The BBC has said it has no plans to get rid of the violent episode.

A BBC source said: “Ooglies is a popular slapstick comedy series that depicts all sorts of food getting into scrapes with each other.

“This clip involving a boiled egg and toast is no different and we would be surprised if our audiences read anything more into it.”

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