Sex during pregnancy? This is what’s happening in British bedrooms…


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A study has found that many British couples are abstaining from sex during their pregnancy - and you might be shocked by how many...

The survey, undertaken by, questioned 2,000 British parents - and found that a whopping one in six couples stopped having sex altogether whilst they were expecting.

One in 10 couples felt it was "wrong" to have sex whilst pregnant, whilst more than eight in 10 mums confessed that they barely felt attractive at all during their pregnancy.

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However, 65% of dads revealed that they actually found their partners more beautiful than ever whilst she was pregnant, with over four in 10 men loving her bigger boobs and 34% liking her new curves.

But a third of women felt they couldn't match their partner's sex drive, and a fifth of women actively used the fact that they were pregnant as a reason not to have sex.

Three in 10 women felt guilty for not wanting to have sex as much as their partner - but 32% didn't care how he felt as they were focussing on having a healthy pregnancy.

Good on you, girls!

Pregnancy is such a special time for both parents-to-be (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

When it came to the men, nine out of 10 men still fancied their partner just as much as when she got pregnant, and 83% still wanted to have sex with her, although 49% were worried about hurting their partner and 22% found it frustrating that sex wasn't quite as simple as before.

A third of the men surveyed found pregnancy sex exciting as it meant that they were able to try out new positions, with 23% preferring the "spoon", 15% opting for "doggy style" and 14% preferring "woman on top".

However, 22% of men admitted to looking at other women during their partner's pregnancy.

Tut tut.

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