Baby names: 90 beautiful British baby names

Feeling patriotic? These beautiful British baby names would be PERFECT for your baby boy or girl…


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We’ve rounded up our pick of the best, boldest, and most beautiful British baby names for boys and girls.

Which of the following is YOUR favourite?

Top 45 British baby girl names

  1. ABBEY: Gives joy

  2. ALISON: Little one

  3. APRIL: Born in the springtime

  4. BETH: House of figs

  5. BRYONY: Flowering vine

  6. CAROL: Manly, strong

  7. DENA: Divine

  8. DEVON: Of the county

  9. EDIE: Happy warfare

  10. ELLA: Fairy princess

  11. ELEANOR: Bright and shining one

  12. ELIZABETH: God is my oath

  13. FREDERICA: Ruler

  14. GEORGINA: Tiller of the soil

  15. HARPER: Plays the harp

  16. HARRIET: Rules the home

  17. HATTIE: As above

  18. HOLLY: Red berries

  19. INDIA: The people of Indus

  20. IVY: Evergreen plant

  21. JANE: Jehovah has been gracious

  22. JANET: Little Joan

  23. JILL: Youthful. Jove's child

  24. JOY: Happy one

  25. KITTY: Pure

  26. LAURIE: From the place of the laurel leaves

  27. LAVENDER: Sweet-smelling herbs

  28. LILY: Innocent beauty

  29. LORNA: Honour or victory

  30. LOTTIE: Free woman

  31. MAGGIE: A pearl

  32. MARIGOLD: Golden flower of summer

  33. NANCY: Grace

  34. NELLY: Shining light

  35. PATSY: Patrician; noble

  36. PIPPA: Lover of horses

  37. QUEENIE: Royal lady

  38. ROSIE: Beautiful flower

  39. TESS: Harvester

  40. VICTORIA: Victorious

  41. WEDNESDAY: Goddess

  42. WENDY: Friend

  43. WHITNEY: White islander

  44. WINNIE: Fair one

  45. WREN: Sweet songbird

Top 45 British baby boy names

  1. ALFIE: old peace

  2. AUSTIN: Magical

  3. BEAR: Burly creature

  4. BLAKE: Dark one

  5. BRUCE: Thick brush

  6. CARTER: One who pushes the cart

  7. CHARLIE: Free man

  8. CHRISTIAN: Cross carrier

  9. DARWIN: Dear friend

  10. DEAN: Valley dweller

  11. EDWIN: Rich friend

  12. ELTON: God’s fighter

  13. FORREST: He who dwells in the forest

  14. GARY: Spear

  15. GEORGE: He who tills the soil

  16. HARRY: Ruler of the home

  17. JACK: Man

  18. JAMES: Supplanter

  19. JAXON: God has been gracious

  20. JEFFREY: District, traveler, or peaceful pledge

  21. JIM: Supplanter

  22. JOE: May Jehovah add/give increase

  23. JOHNSON: Son of John

  24. JULIAN: Youthful. Jove's child

  25. KIT: Carrier of Christ

  26. LAKE: He who dwells by a body of water

  27. LUDLOW: Loud and roaring

  28. MARLOWE: Remnants of a lak

  29. MASON: One who works with stone

  30. MAX: Greatest

  31. MICK: Who is like God?

  32. MORRIS: Moorish; dark-skinned; swarthy

  33. NED: Rich guard

  34. NICK: Victory of the people

  35. NIGEL: Champion

  36. OAKLEY: From the oak - tree meadow

  37. PARKER: Keeper of the forest

  38. PIERCE: Form of Piers from Peter

  39. PHILLIP / PIP: Friend of horses

  40. RAMSAY: Ram's island

  41. ROBERT: Famed, bright; shining

  42. TODD: Fox

  43. THATCHER: He who thatches the roof

  44. WARREN: Gift of God

  45. WILLIAM: Resolute protector; will

Which of these bold and beautiful British baby names is your favourite, patriotic parents?

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