Best job ever? Adoption agency in need of volunteers to cuddle babies

There’s definitely worse ways to spend your spare time…

newborn babies adoption

by Hayley Kadrou |
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Not quite ready to have a baby yet yourself, but can’t help but murmur “aww” whenever you pass by a pram? Or maybe you just miss the days when your not-so-little-ones would let you cuddle them all day?

Then we have found the ideal role for you, because this agency is after volunteers to offer some love and attention to tiny tots in the midst of the adoption process.

Cue lots of cuddling with adorable ickle babies and playing with tiny little toes.

newborn babies adoption
newborn babies ©alamy

The newborns that need nurturing are in interim care, meaning their biological parents are undergoing counselling and intensive research of viable options before committing to the adoption process. This usually takes somewhere between two and six weeks, all while a more solid plan for both parties is put together with the help of the adoption experts.

However, during this time, the agency is in need of people to help care for the babies, and not just for the more routine things like feeding and changing nappies. They need people to bond with the babies and offer some of the closeness and attention they crave.

newborn babies adoption
newborn babies ©alamy

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Katie Foley who is an associate director of the adoption firm putting the scheme in place said:

“The commonality between our volunteers is their nurturing spirit to care for a newborn and then help that baby transition into their permanent family.

“Volunteers find fulfilment and satisfaction in being a loving, if temporary, home for a baby in need.”

Sadly for us, the adoption agency running the scheme, Spence-Chapin is based in New York, meaning we can’t sign up for cuddles just yet – unless you don’t mind the hefty commute. But here’s hoping UK agencies follow the lead so we can all get some snuggle time in.

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