You won’t believe how far you’ll travel this Christmas… even if you’re staying home

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With all preparation in the run up to Christmas the festive period can busy and there are some things we simply don’t have time to think about.

In between buying presents, sipping bubbles at parties, stuffing our face with chocolate and Brussels sprouts, hopefully not at the same time, we also travel a MAMMOTH amount.

A new study has found that families move a massive 302 miles over the holidays.

Research of the habits of 2,000 adults has revealed that the huge distance is made up of shopping trips, supermarket runs, and outings to pantomimes.

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Visiting friends and family clocks up 116 miles and, unsurprisingly, 54% of adults say they find Christmas driving stressful.

David Carter of Accident Advice Helpline, which commissioned the research, said: “It’s not a surprise how many miles families travel over the festive period but it’s important to be prepared for the journey ahead.

“Allow plenty of time to reach your destination as roads can be very busy, and know the route you’re going to take.

“At this time of year adverse weather isn’t uncommon, so make sure your car and you are prepared for the journey and drive with caution. Leave extra space between you and the car in front if weather conditions are poor or visibility is bad.”

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Weather conditions stress 47% of motorists out and 43% get wound up by holiday traffic, while 29% of families worry about keeping children entertained whilst in the car and 23% dislike the need to constantly pack and unpack their vehicle.

But some families beat the stress by heading out prepared, with 23% allowing every member of family to play their Christmas playlist and 14% simply give their children sweets to keep them quiet for the journey.

GALLERY: Christmas Eve boxes - everything you need to know about the new festive tradition


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Present shopping – 45

Visiting close relatives – 51

Going to panto – 19

Food shopping – 33

Visiting friends – 32

Visiting extended family – 33

Christmas week – 89



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