Baby names: Reddit users reveal the baby names ruined by pop culture association

When your baby's name is suddenly thrust into the spotlight, get ready for all the jokes and questions...

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Any parents who named their baby girl Elsa pre-2013 must be tired of hearing ‘Oh, after the film Frozen?’ by now.

They are not alone. Many mums and dads before them – and we're sure after – have had the experience of carefully selecting a beautiful, unique name that means something special to their little family, only to have the very same name being thrust into the spotlight all of a sudden.

While some have loveable and adorable connotations, others are well.. a little funny.

Over on Reddit, one mum shared that in light of the new Disney Pixar film ‘Finding Dory,’ she worries how the world will react to her daughter, who’s name is shortened to Dori.

She wrote:

“So, when I named my daughter, "Finding Nemo" was more than ten years old. I didn't see anything wrong with giving her a name that nicknames to "Dori," which is all we have ever called her. Now that a certain blue fish is getting some more screen time, I'm a little worried about the comments that she's inevitably going to get about it.”

She then asked:

“Parents of kids with names that gained fame or notoriety in popular culture, have there been any negative repercussions?”

And in response, Reddit users revealed not only their childrens unfortunate names, but those of friends, family and even their own that’s had to live in the shadow of a celeb.

But luckily for this anxious mum, she was assured that being named after a loveable Disney character was no hindrance - in fact, people thought it would only work in the littlen's favour. Aww!

Check it out some other names that changed meaning after being put in the spotlight...


“Named kid after Sir Francis Drake, everybody says "Oh, like the rapper!"”


“There is a girl in my son's class named Elsa. When Frozen came out - the kids in the class thought it was the coolest thing ever.”


“When I was younger, a popular rapper suddenly appeared with the same name as me… everything was great until Nelly came out with country grammar! It was mildly annoying hearing people quote lyrics from his songs to me for a few months to a year maybe. She’ll be fine.”

Michael Jackson

“I have a friend named Michael Jackson. Big shoes to fill!”

Mohammad Ali

“Saw a student at the university I worked at named Mohammad Ali. Tiny little guy. He said he didn't like the name because he wasn't tough; I told him he didn't need to be tough with a name like that!


“Named my daughter Charlotte. Six weeks later princess Charlotte was born. I debated changing her name. I didn't. I put a lot of thought into it so I was crazy upset with the princess Charlotte deal. It turned out to be no big deal.”


“Named my middle child Aria, which sounds a lot like Arya. Beat game of thrones by a full year, but now I hear so many other Aria's names being called out on the playground.”

Benny Hill

“I once got chatted up a guy named Benny Hill! When I started giggling he just sighed. Poor dude...”

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