The Worst Witch: 41 vintage baby girl names – and their meanings!

The Worst Witch is filled with beautiful and unusual vintage baby girl name inspiration. Which is your favourite?

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If you’re anything like us, you were most likely ADDICTED to The Worst Witch when it aired on our tellies back in the 90s and early 00s.

The show felt like an old-fashioned boarding school drama, with horrible PE lessons, exams, midnight feasts, detentions and all the usual larks.

But there was a big difference; Cackle’s Academy For Witches was just that - a school for witches.

Cue broomstick crashes, spells gone awry, and super-sweet kittens for the young witches to play with.

As we’ve grown older, we’ve started looking back on the show with an air of nostalgia - and we’ve realised that it was PACKED full of gorgeous vintage baby girl name options.

Check it out:

Via Tumblr

  1. Amanda (aka Amanda Honeydew): “Lovable”

  2. Amelia (aka Miss Amelia Cackle): “Defender”

  3. Betty (aka Betty Bindweed): “Oath of God”

  4. Bryony (aka Bryony Beamsworth): “Flowering vine”

  5. Charlie (aka Charlie Blossom): “Free man”

  6. Clarice (aka Clarice Crow): “Bright, clear, famous”

  7. Cressie (aka Cressie Winterchild): “Golden”

  8. Constance (aka Miss Constance Hardbroom): “Constant”

  9. Davina (aka Miss Davina Bat): “Beloved friend”

  10. Dawn (aka Swan Raven): “Daybreak”

  11. Deirdre (aka Deirdre Swoop): “Beautiful rage”

  12. Dolores (aka Dolores!): “Sorrow”

  13. Dyllis (aka Dyllis Mustardseed): “Faithful”

  14. Drusilla (aka Drusilla Paddock): “Dewy-eyed”

  15. Ebony (aka Ebony, Fenella Feverfew’s cat):

  16. Enid (aka Enid Nightshade): “Soul, or life”

  17. Ethel (aka Ethel Hallow): “Noble”

  18. Fenella (aka Fenella Feverfew): “White shoulder”

  19. Gabrielle (aka Gabrielle Gribble): “Woman of God”

  20. Gloria (aka Gloria Newt): “Glory”

  21. Griselda (aka Griselda Blackwood): “Grey battle”

  22. Harriet (aka Harriet Goodcharm): “Rules the home”

  23. Hettie / Henrietta (aka Henrietta ‘Hettie’ Hubble): “Rules her household”

  24. Hermione (aka Hermione Cackle): “Well born”

  25. Imogen (aka Miss Imogen Drill): “Maiden”

  26. Kitty (aka Kitty, Hettie Hubble’s puppy):

  27. Lavinia (aka Miss Lavinia Crotchett): “Beloved princess”

  28. Lucy (aka Lucy Fairweather): “Shining light”

  29. Maria (aka Miss Maria Tapioca): “Sea of sorrow”

  30. Maud (aka Maud Moonshine): “Powerful battler”

  31. Mildred (aka Mildred Hubble): “Gentle strength”

  32. Mona (aka Mona Hallow): “Unreachable wishes”

  33. Morgana (aka Morgana, Miss Hardbroom’s cat):

  34. Myrtle (aka Miss Myrtle Widget): “Flowering shrub”

  35. Phoebe (aka Phoebe Nettlebetter): “The shining one”

  36. Phyllis (aka Phyllis Pentangle): “Leafy foliage”

  37. Roseanne (aka Roseanne Speedwell): “Gracious favour”

  38. Ruby (aka Ruby Cherrytree): “Precious gem”

  39. Sybil (aka Sybil Hallow): “Prophetess”

  40. Tabitha (aka Tabby, Mildred’s cat):

  41. Tansy (aka Tansy Weirdstone): “Immortality”

Via Tumblr

Which of these magical The Worst Witch names is your favourite?

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