Mum slammed after giving her baby girl THIS unusual name

A mum has been accused of ‘child abuse’ after unveiling her baby girl’s unusual name

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There’s no point denying it; Game Of Thrones is PACKED full of awesome baby name choices.

In fact, we recently rounded up the top 64 baby names inspired by Game Of Thrones for your perusal.

Think Khaleesi, Sansa, Arya, Brienne, Cersei, and more.

However naming your child is, of course, a matter for the heart… and no character had a bigger heart than the late Lady Stark.

Thought to be of Irish origin, Kaitlyn is derived from 'Catherine' and means 'pure'.

In Game Of Thrones, however, George R R Martin decided to mix up the spelling of the traditional name, christening the Stark’s matriarch as ‘Catelyn’.

However even THIS wasn’t individual enough for one mum.

Taking to a magazine in Australia, one Queensland mum explained that, while she loved the name, she wasn’t a fan of how popular it was.

She wrote: “I’ve always loved the name Kaitlyn but hated how popular it was.

“So when I found out I was having a girl, my husband suggested we replace the ‘ait’ with the Roman numeral symbol for eight!

“Now our daughter is truly unique.”

Yup, that’s right…

She named her child KVIIIlyn.

Check out her proud birth announcement - found on Imgur - here:

Baby name announcement

Image found on Imgur.

She’s not wrong - it’s DEFINITELY unique, isn’t it?

However it seems as if people are less than impressed with her baby’s moniker.

A fact made clear by the fact that someone commented: “Surely [this is] a form of child abuse?”

That might be going a little bit too far, but there’s no denying this is going to cause a lot of teachers a LOT of pronunciation issues when it comes to calling register at school.

What do you think of this unusual baby girl name - cute and unique, or utter madness?

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