This advent calendar is reminding us what Christmas is all about

It's about time we took a break from chocolate and shopping..

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Christmas spirit should be bottled up and sold in Debenhams. Actually, we think there is something already similiar that makes us generous, happy and relaxed; and it's commonly known as 'wine'.

Something else which makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside at this time of year is the humble advent calendar. Advent calenders add a touch of fairy dust to an already magical month: after all, who doesn't like starting each day with a minature chocolate in the shape of a reigndeer or a carol singer?

Whilst we are not saying you should trade in the choccy calander completely (I mean, It's half of Christmas right) we are also loving this 'Random Act of Kindness Advent Calender' which will melt your heart faster than a Quality Street box your cat insists on sitting on.

Wondermomswannabe created a printable advent calender that will help children to dish out Christmas spirit and to encourage small acts of kindness to the universe. After all, Christmas is all about giving, right?

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All these ideas are small acts of kindness that children can carry out by themselves, or you can even print out a blank advent calendar and add your own 'acts of niceness'...

...Even if it's 'help mummy with the washing up' for 31 days of the month.

Download a random act of kindness advent calendar here.

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