5 top tips to pack for a family holiday


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Luxury luggage brand Lipault tell Closer how to take the pain out of packing for that summer holiday coming up!

  1. Choose a stylish, functional and lightweight luggage, bearing in mind what you'll use it most for.
  1. Don’t over pack ! It will only lead to wrinkles and if your luggage is selected for inspection you will have a difficult time closing it.
  1. Place shoes (foot to toe) in the bottom of your suitcase to save space and make sure your suitcase is balanced.
Lipault have a wide range of lightweight luggage
Lipault have a wide range of lightweight luggage ©Lipault have a wide range of lightweight luggage
  1. Use packing Organizers. Easier to pick stuff or to get from one place to another without rearranging the whole suitcase.
  1. Include a lightweight smaller day bag for going out at your destination and if you miss something, don’t panic, SHOP!

To see Lipault's range, please go to www.lipault.co.uk

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