27 things every single mum knows to be true

Being a single mum can be tough - but it can be seriously awesome, too!


by Kayleigh Dray |
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    It’s the 21st century, people - get with the times!

      It’s meant to be nice, sure, but we genuinely don’t have a choice in the matter.

        The stigma is real. Seriously, who do they think they are?

          You cook dinner, kiss their ouchies, read them their bedtime story, fix the sink, AND bring home the bacon.

          Who run the world? Girls!

            Who doesn’t love waking up to a toddler bouncing up and down on the bed at 4am, eh?

              When you dish out the discipline during tantrums, your little ones aren’t all that happy about it. But then later, after they’ve calmed down, they’re forced to come to you for comfort afterwards.

                You can’t remember the last time you went to the toilet without SOMEONE bursting in to talk about what they want for dinner / what they want for Christmas / a bug they just saw fly past.

                  How can you take a sick day when you’ve got little ones to look after, eh? Even if you DO manage to take a day off work, you’ll still be spending it making dinner, cleaning the house, chasing the kids into bed, and more

                    If you don’t eat when they’re distracted, you probable won’t have time to eat ever again!

                      If they think it’s tough to find love, they should try doing it with kids; it’s almost impossible to muster up any enthusiasm for Match.com when you’ve spent all day doing the school and work routine.

                        Your idea of a party nowadays is a few hours of uninterrupted time with your television - and maybe a pizza that you don’t have to share!

                          CINDERELLA SHALL GO TO THE BALL!!!

                            It’s safe to say that you’re well beyond the realms of exhaustion at this point.

                              “I FEEL LIKE ALL I DO IS CLEAN!!!”

                                A 10 minute shower on a Saturday night feels like a week long vacation to the Bahamas, no word of a lie.

                                  They swoop in on weekends and holidays, take the kids to the park and get to do all the fun stuff. And, yeah, sometimes you feel a little jealous of that - although you know it works vice versa.

                                    “Sounds wonderful.”

                                      Everyone has those moments, don’t worry - just remember that you are doing AMAZINGLY.

                                        You know your friends are busy, but it would be great to get a call every now and then so you could swap the baby talk for grown up gossiping!

                                          Just… just why?

                                            Why don’t grown ups get pocket money, eh?

                                              … but it isn’t a bad thing. That’s just what happens when you’re completely responsible for someone!


                                                  Strong, independent and powerful, you’re the ultimate female role model for your little ones.

                                                    You’re basically the Beyonce of the school run.

                                                      Being a mother, single or otherwise, is the best. Fact.

                                                        Trust us on that one. And, until then, just know that you’re awesome.

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