21 things every young grandma will know to be true

Did you become a grandma before you were 40-years-old? Then this is a must-read!

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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1) When you first found out you were going to have a grandchild, you were shocked

Like, properly shocked. You thought you were WAY too young to have grandkids!

** 2) You started shopping for baby things immediately…**

And you spent a fortune. It was touch and go whether or not you’d need to file for bankruptcy!

3) And you panicked that you didn't have what it takes to be a good granny

You can't even knit, for goodness sake!

** 4) But when you met your little grand baby for the first time, your heart positively melted.**

So much love. So, so much love.

**5) You hate the names ‘grandma’, ‘granny’, and ‘gran’ with a passion **

It makes you feel like a super-old and wrinkly and stooped-over old biddy.


  1. Instead, you prefer to be thought of as a hot young nana **

Or nanny. Sometimes nan - it depends on who’s asking, we guess!


  1. Although even THAT took some getting used to… **

When people first started mentioning nan, you assumed they were talking about someone else. Someone like, say, your mum…


  1. You secretly love it when people tell you that you look WAY too young to be a grandma**

** **



  1. And you totally used to love it when they called you a GILF… **

Until, you know, you broke down the acronym and worked out what it meant. “Grandma I’d like to… ew!”


  1. People often mistake you and your daughter / the mum of your grandkids for sisters **

You try not to smirk too much while she gets annoyed about it!


  1. Although you do sometimes bored of people assuming that your grandchildren are your children…**

** **

Mainly because it encourages your grand babies to pipe up with some amazing little gem, like “no way, my mummy is MUCH younger - this is my nan. She's ANCIENT!!!”

** 12) The closest you’ll get to being a ‘granny’ is wearing granny pants **

But, then again, you’ve been secretly wearing them since your twenties anyway…


  1. You think your partner is the hottest granddad of all time**

** **

He’s a total GILF. There, you’ve said it.


  1. You once idly googled the phrase ‘young gran’ and a MILLION different porn sites popped up**

** **



  1. You spoil your grandkids **

But it’s a grandma’s privilege to indulge them with special treats!


  1. You wear yourself out running around after them **

But, you know, playtime is way more fun than hitting the gym!


  1. Your fridge and walls are covered in childish artwork**

** **

But you treasure them way more than you ever would a Picasso or a Monet. After all, you'd have NO qualms about selling one of those off if it meant you'd rake in some big bucks...


  1. You love looking at your grandchildren and seeing your own child smile back at you**

So many memories!** **


  1. You might be a teeny bit sick of Frozen by now - but you think it’s great you have an excuse to watch Disney films 24/7! **

Let it go, let it gooooooo… nope, we were wrong. You’ll never be sick of that tune!


  1. Most of all, you love that they always come to you for advice **

You’re a friend as well as a grandma - and they know you’ll always know exactly what to say!


  1. So yes, you’re a young grandmother - but you wouldn’t change one thing about it! **

You’re a wonderful mother with lots and lots of practice… and you get even more time with your beautiful grandkids because they came along so early. Perfect.

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