How to waterproof your weekend away

There is nothing more reliable than the unreliable British weather. So we've searched high and low for the perfect kit to help you waterproof your weekend away...

by Maddy Biddulph |
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How to waterproof your weekend away

rohan coat WEB1 of 12

rohan coat WEB

HH Warm Flow FZ Hoodie hi WEB2 of 12

HH Warm Flow FZ Hoodie hi WEB

Combi_femm BD3 of 12

Combi_femm BD

rucksack WEB4 of 12

rucksack WEB

trousers BEST WEB5 of 12

trousers BEST WEB

berghaus WEB6 of 12

berghaus WEB

colour changing brolly WEB7 of 12

colour changing brolly WEB

space_Jacket3in1LogicZEROWEIGHT_BOLERO_SpicyOrange WEB8 of 12

space_Jacket3in1LogicZEROWEIGHT_BOLERO_SpicyOrange WEB

ponco best WEB9 of 12

ponco best WEB

brolly WEB10 of 12

brolly WEB

socks WEB11 of 12

socks WEB

sherpa WEB12 of 12

sherpa WEB

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