VIDEO: Giovanna Fletcher shares her top ‘mummy money saving tips’

Looking for a way to save some cash? Giovanna Fletcher has found some inspired ways to save money


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Pregnant Giovanna Fletcher is just months away from welcoming her second child and it looks like she’s already looking for ways to cut the costs of having a large family.

In a recent YouTube post, mum-of-one Giovanna has shared some creative and inspiring ways for busy mums to save money.

Head to your nearest library

Why fork money out on an endless collection of picture books when you can read them for FREE at your local library?

Just buy your little one's absolute favourite stories and you’ll have a precious collection of all their favourite books.


Generations before us lived in hand-me-downs, so why not embrace tradition?

Sell older items online

Make some extra cash by selling old baby clothes online. Do you really need to hold onto ALL of them?

(But keep some items such as their TINY shoes for those moments of nostalgia)

Get creative

You can make so many items at home such as your own colouring books and sensory toys. You can also make your own edible paint with different food ingredients and you won’t have to worry about your little ones eating anything toxic or harmful when they’re embracing their inner Picasso.

Recycle clothing

Cut up old baby grows and turn them into dribble bibs. You can also cut the feet off baby grows if your baby is growing too quickly.

Find fun places for free

Rather than fork out cash on expensive day outs take pleasure in days at the park or at free museums. The great thing about kids is that they can find amazement in anything. Go for a walk in the woods and they’ll find wonder in every turn.

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