Boxing Day Sales 2014: Top 7 items to look out for

Here's our top 7 sale items to watch out for.


by Maria Vallahis |
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It's Boxing Day sale time and we've come up with a list of types of items to look out for, think investment purchases.

Here’s our top 7 items…


TOP 7 Boxing Day Sale Items

Michael Kors Purse, £1251 of 7

Michael Kors Purse, £125

Department stores like House of Fraser have a great selection of purses. Pick a purse which is long-standing. This tan colour is exactly the type the will also not get dirty too quickly. We all no our purses get squashed in bags, coat pockets for those kick shop visits and scratched against keys or dirtied by make-up, so make sure you pick a good quality leather. This investment is a must have.

DKNY Watch, £892 of 7

DKNY Watch, £89

They’re timeless classics and they last absolutely forever. Even if your phone battery dies you don’t need to worry if you’re running late because timepiece will hold out. So why not splash out? Don't miss out and find a good deal in the Boxing Day sales.

Kate Spade, £330.003 of 7

Kate Spade, £330.00

A bag is a finishing touch to an outfit and it should be a sleek representation of you. Find a suitable shoulder bag that you can use daily without worrying if it will wear out super fast. Famous for their bag sales is Selfridges.

Zara, £79.994 of 7

Zara, £79.99

You’ll be wearing this everyday for a few months and even if you use it next Winter coats are a straight investment. And don’t be afraid to be bold when purchasing one; be it a bright colour or statement print. Remember during winter most people see your outer wear rather than the cute jumper you have underneath. Zara have a selection of coats which keep very well.

Kurt Geiger, £1605 of 7

Kurt Geiger, £160

Similar to buying a coat shoes are something people see first so you want a pair which will last seamlessly. A good heel or boot is ideal. Shop around in the sale to pick up a pair which used to have an extreme price tag. Whether you scour eBay or head over to Kurt Geiger - you need a pair of shoes that are special you’ll wear them again and again.

Levis Jeans, £856 of 7

Levis Jeans, £85

When you pick the right pair they are ultra-flattering and jeans should last you over 10 years. Levis are the perfect place to start as they literally have a lifetime guarantee. Plus team with a statement tee and sky-high heels for a chic night-time look – winning in the day and at night.

Cult Beauty Products, prices vary7 of 7

Cult Beauty Products, prices vary

No matter what anyone says, you should skimp on make-up or face creams. They go on your face. Instead of splashing out, strip through the sales for a signature YSL, MAC, NARS etc.

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