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It's that time of year: being forced to take part in the office secret Santa, and being stuck with someone you don't know well to buy for, or worse, your boss.

Sussing what to get for your (unlucky) colleague for Secret Santa is hard, but thankfully a study into what UK adults actually want from the gifting tradition has just been published, so you can concentrate on more important things, like picking the most barmy Christmas jumper for your other half to wear. (Mwhahaha.)

According to a survey conducted by Christmas Tree World, it is gift cards which people would most like to receive during the festive period. Err guys, what happened to the 'it's the thought that counts'?!

Over half of the people surveyed said they would really enjoy a gift card so they could pick their own gift, which admitedly does ruin the Christmas magic a bit. Though at least it's an easier option which involves a lot less trapsing-around-Sports-Direct-on-your-lunch-break.

In second place came alcohol and in third came something for the kitchen. By 'something for the kitchen' we hope it means cake and yes we want cake, thanks for asking.

Top ten secret Santa gifts that UK adults want to receive:

  1. Gift card – 53%

  2. Alcohol – 46%

  3. Kitchen item – 39%

  4. Cosmetic and Grooming item– 36%

  5. Book – 26%

  6. Phone case – 23%

  7. Diary – 22%

  8. Game – 18%

  9. Food – 11%

  10. Novelty slippers - 9%

Stephen Evans from Christmas Tree World said "Despite Secret Santa being light hearted, people clearly want to receive a gift that they can actually use, and want to avoid money being wasted on unwanted gifts.

"I was surprised to see that timeless classics such as gift cards, alcohol or a bathroom gift set still have a place in the top ten, which I’m sure people who struggle to buy gifts will be pleased to hear!"

We are very pleased indeed. Though novelty slippers? Maybe we will pass on giving those to our boss....


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