The top 10 things we’re saving for are a bit… Well, boring!


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A study has found the top 10 things that people are currently saving up for

Apparently, one in four adults has NO savings to their name.

We know, it's pretty shocking.

But it's not all down to overspending - as many people say they have substantial debt to clear as well as sky high monthly outgoings.

Despite not being able to find money to put away, more than half said they wished they could save cash.

The poll of 2,620 respondents in the UK found more than a tenth of the population admit to being ‘terrible’ with money.

GALLERY: The top 10 life accomplishments


Top 10 life accomplishments

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1) Having a family

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2) Meeting your true love

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4) Staying / becoming healthy and physically fit

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3) Being financially secure

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5) Getting married

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6) Buying your own home

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8) Getting an education

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7) Living to a ripe old age

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10) Landing your dream job

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9) Having a successful career

The study, undertaken on behalf of Skipton Building Society, also discovered that one in 10 admitted they typically spend more than they earn - with 28% admitting that they sometimes go over budget.

Well... We're sure most of us can relate to that!

According to the results, one third blamed their lack of savings on their monthly outgoings being so high they never have anything left over.

The study also found 54% of our income goes on essential living costs like rent or a mortgage, bills and food.

And more than one in 10 admit they often spend their money as soon as they get it.

But what's most upsetting about this study is what we're actually putting our savings towards.


The top 10 things people are saving for:

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