Lose up to 20lb in 28 days with the fast metabolism diet

Nurtritionist Haylie Pomroy, whose clients include Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon, has devised a 28-day diet designed to program your body to burn more fat


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It is not about calorie-counting or relentless exercise – Haylie says that constant dieting burns out your metabolism and makes weight loss impossible.

‘The less you eat the more your metabolism cools, and the less you will be able to eat tomorrow’

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

How does it work?

By rotating targeted foods on specific days and times, the diet makes your metabolism work and you can lose up to 20lb in four weeks – and keep it off. You eat 5 times day, every 3 to 4 hours, and within 30 minutes of waking to keep your metabolism working.

Reese Witherspoon is a clients of Haylies

Phase 1 - carbs and cardio - 2 days

'This phase will satisfy carb cravings but you will cut out foods which physically stress you'

The diet begins with two days of relaxing your system with ‘good’ carbohydrates (no wheat) and vegetables, adding one session of cardio exercise.

You will eat 3 carb-rich, moderate protein, low-fat meals and two fruit snacks each day.

This phase will satisfy carb cravings but you will cut out foods which physically stress you, harm your metabolism and keep you fat, such as wheat, dairy and caffeine.

Breakfast: A grain and a fruit such as porridge and berries

AM snack: fruit

Lunch: A grain, protein, vegetables and fruit such as turkey, lettuce and tomato on wheat free bread

PM snack: fruit

Dinner: A grain, protein and vegetables, for example turkey chilli


Phase 2 – Protein, vegetables and weights - 2 days

'This phase is about converting stored fat to fuel'

This intense phase is about converting stored fat to fuel to be transformed into muscle.

You will eat three high protein, low carb, low fat meals and two protein snacks each day.

Breakfast: protein and veg such as an egg white omlette with spinach

AM snack: protein such as chicken

Lunch: protein and veg such as grilled chicken on salad

PM snack: protein such as tuna

Dinner: protein and veg, for example grilled fish with broccoli

Phase 3 - healthy fats and yoga - 3 days

'The body is primed to burn the fat you are going to introduce''

Phase 3 combines foods from the first two phases with healthy fats and introduces stress-reducing activity such as yoga or massage to increase blood flow to fatty areas.

The body is primed to burn the fat you are going to introduce, drink lots of water and keep your bowels moving to help your body purge toxins stored in your fat.

This phase will flatten your belly and rid cellulite.

Breakfast: A fruit, a grain, veg and healthy fat such as porridge with almonds, peaches and almond milk plus cucumber slices.

AM snack: houmous and veg

Lunch: could be avocado and turkey lettuce wrap

PM snack: nuts

Dinner: could be prawn stir fry

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