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If your iPhone is on its last legs, or you're planning to gift one (very) lucky recipient a new phone for Christmas, you might want to keep an eye out for when prices drop. Besides from the typical sales events that kick off at multiple points in the year, there's no real telling when iPhone prices will suddenly drop. That's why we've explroed the web to find you the best ones right now. You can snap up some real goodies ahead of the busy Christmas period.

From renewed models, to fresh-out-the-factory smartphones, there are savings to be made. What are you waiting for? Go get the bargain of the year.

iPhone deals 2023: The best deals from across the web

Amazon: Save big on iPhones

John Lewis: Bargain mobile phones

Currys: Discounted Apple iPhones

AO: Great iPhones, low prices

Appliances Direct: Save on both iPhone and Android

Giffgaff: Discounts on new and refurbed smartphones

Tesco Mobile: Pay-monthly deals

Get comfy, because we’ve done the digging so you don’t have to. Here are the hottest deals in 2023 that you can get today.

SHOP: The Best iPhone Deals


iPhone 15
Price: £779 (was £839)



It's new and it's beautiful, it's the iPhone 15. You can still save big on the newest member of


iPhone 14 Pro
Price: £708.55 (was £934)


If you buy a renewed product from Amazon, you get incredible value and a fabulous one-year

Great Deal

iPhone 14 Pro
Price: £674.99 (was £939)


Buy a renewed product from Amazon and you get incredible value and a fabulous one-year warranty to


Apple iPhone 14 Pro
Price: £1195 (was £1368)



The iPhone 14 Pro is one of Apple’s finest works yet - its triple lens camera means you can level


iPhone 14 Plus
Price: £1030.97 (save £248)



Picture how great having an iPhone 14 is, now imagine that but just bigger. This is what you get


iPhone 13
Price: £549 (was £599)



The worthy successor to the 12, the iPhone 13 is a favourite for so many Apple users. People swear


iPhone SE
Price: £429 (was £449)



If you're after a relatively new iPhone, but you absolutely love the classic feel, the SE is right


Are iPhone deals worth it?

iPhone deals are absolutely worth it. These deals on iPhones are perfect for those who prefer buying their smartphones outright, this is where the savings are.

iPhones make up a huge portion of tech deals in general along with countless other smartphone brands. If you’ve had your eyes on a new iPhone, keep an eye out for money saving opportunities.

When do iPhone prices drop in the UK?

Generally speaking, iPhone’s hold their value here in the UK until a newer iPhone is announced. A soon as the newest iPhone is unveiled, all previous models drop in price, and this goes on year after year.

Should I get a previous year's iPhone?

Deciding to purchase a previous-generation iPhone is a budget-conscious choice, offering savings compared to the latest models. Consider your specific needs: assess features, software support, performance, camera quality, battery life, and future-proofing. If the older iPhone model meets your requirements, it can be a sensible option.

However, keep in mind that software support duration varies, so check for updates. Evaluate the trade-offs, particularly in camera and performance, and make an informed decision based on your budget and priorities. Certified refurbished older models can offer value while fitting into a constrained budget.

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