Need some extra cash? Then you should look in the attic!

Cash in attic

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Forget stocks and shares - it's all about books and toys!

If you could do with a bit of extra cash (and really, who couldn't?), then the answer might be right in front of you. Or stuffed into the spare room. Or boxed up in the garage or loft.

Because according to some reasearch by, canny Brits are flogging all sorts of bits and bobs to make ends meet.

But before you head off into the loft to look for your own pot of gold, what exactly should you be looking for?

Cash in attic
Could you have cash in the attic? (Credit: Getty) ©Getty

Top 10 alternative investments

  1. Books

  2. Coins

  3. Toys

  4. Miscellaneous bits

  5. Antiques

  6. Vinyls

  7. Stamps

  8. Clothing

  9. Art

  10. Cars

And if you're in need of some motivation for sorting through your old junk looking for something of value, here are some of the ordinary objects that have turned out to be nest eggs...

· A “tatty” old watch bought for £6 at a car boot sale – later sold to a collector for an eye-watering £1,800

· A “ridiculous plaster bust of a woman’s head” snapped up at a car boot sale for just £1 and sold for £300 to an American buyer on eBay

· A book called 'Sled Driver’ by Brian Shul which was bought as a present when the saver was a child. He later discovered it was a rare title and sold it for £120.

· A first issue meerkat toy bought for £15 and sold for £95

So what are you waiting for? Time to get sorting!

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