How to get over your fear of spiders

September is spider season, which means we can expect plenty of surprise visits from our eight-legged friends. Whether you're a bit edgy around spiders or you scream at the sight of them, you can get over your fear with just a few easy steps...


by Fiona Day |
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Facing your fear

One of the best ways to overcome a fear is to be brave and face it head on. Next time there’s a spider in the house, rather than run away stare at it until you start to feel less panicked, become used to the site of the eight-legged creature and you’ll find yourself feeling less scared.

Continue to expose yourself

Next time your family or housemates start screaming about a spider in the house, rather than feed off of their fear go and investigate yourself and look at the spider until you no longer feel scared. If the spider disappears behind a bookcase or under a floor board, remain in the room until you feel comfortable with the idea that there’s a spider in the room with you (even if it takes a while!).


Not using spiders for pranks…

It’s tempting to use fake rubber spiders to scare your children, but what seems like a harmless prank may end up causing them to have a phobia of our eight-legged friends. Try and be more creative with your pranks- don’t let spiders get a bad rep!

Think rationally…

When you see a spider and your palms start to sweat, just think…. You are MUCH bigger than a spider. Most spiders are harmless and the ones that do bite rarely do much harm at all.

See spiders in a positive light

Spiders are actually helpful little things. Their webs catch nuisance flies and they like to snack on insects that carry germs.


Spiders also help with science and medicine too. Their venom is used in neurological research and may prevent permanent brain damage in stroke victims. The silk produced by spiders for their webs is also used in many optical devices including laboratory instruments.

Why would you be frightened of such useful little creatures?

Educate yourself on spiders

If spiders are still giving you the jitters, start researching them online and find out more about them. Watch wildlife documentaries about them (some are even available on Youtube) and perhaps even borrow a book from the library.

If your child is scared, this is a great way to spark their interest and turn their fear into curiosity.

Re-catogorize your fear

When you fear something, it’s important to work out exactly how the object you fear makes you feel. When you see a spider do you feel panicky or do you feel sick?

Many people are merely ‘creeped out’ by spiders rather than having a full blown phobia. This is easily overcome purely by exposing yourself to the insects and telling yourself that there is no rational reason foryou to feel uneasy.

Try holding a spider

The best way to combat your fear for good is to hold a spider. Find a friend who isn’t afraid and is comfortable picking up a spider and gradually introduce yourself to your new eight-legged friend.

Try hypnosis

If you find your fear is seriously affecting your life, it might be worthwhile visiting a hypnotherapist who can treat your phobia.

Remember, getting over a fear takes time so don’t expect results over night- but it will be worth it!

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