Genius suitcase will revolutionise the way you pack forever

Do you hate the way your expertly packed clothes always end up crumpled and jumbled up by the second day of your holiday? Help is at hand…

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Finally, some bright spark has come up with a way of not only packing more effectively, but helping you ‘live out of a suitcase’ (should you have to), a lot more easily.

The ‘Shelfpack’ is a suitcase that has foldable shelves built into it, meaning that you can neatly separate items into layers.

As well as four shelves for your holiday items, it also contains three smaller pockets on the outside, where you can store your toiletries/battery chargers/converter plugs and the like.

At $349, it’s certainly not cheap, but it could be worth the investment for fuss free packing. Currently sold by McKaba luggage in California, we’re hoping that this special suitcase will come across to the U.K. very soon.

This could change everything…

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