Easter Sunday as told through adorable bunny GIFs

We give you your Easter Sunday- as told through the art of bunny GIFs.


by Fiona Day |
Published on

Work has been wearing us out, so the Easter weekend feels long over due...

School and work finishes- we race home so we can stuff our faces with chocolate!

Chocolate??!! Yes!! Chocolate!! Lots of it!! (It is Easter after all)

We hug and kiss our nearest and dearest in joy

And eagerly wait for the flurry of Easter egg deliveries to arrive...

We make sure we look out best for Easter Sunday lunch.

And that we haven't forgotten to pick up a yummy Easter egg for out other half

We eat all day. Even more when we think nobody can see us (then guiltily pretend that the dog ate our Easter egg- bad puppy!).

We sing a few Easter songs and watch some fun family Easter movies...

And try not to let CERTAIN family members annoy us too much...

But soon enough we make our escape, with our Easter treats in hand!


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