How to deal with money worries

Closer psychologist Emma Kenny has some advice for those struggling with money worries and debt stress...


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How many of us have heard the saying “Money can’t buy you happiness”? Well, that may be true, but it can buy you fantastic clothes when you’re feeling miserable, or pay for a holiday to cheer you up!

OK, money isn’t everything- but it’s pretty darn important when it comes to paying the mortgage and feeding the kids. And it’s not only us mere mortals who find it a struggle financially.

Kerry Katona has filed for bankruptcy twice
Kerry Katona has filed for bankruptcy twice

Kerry Katona has been bankrupt twice and has spoken about having to start again- which she’s done by cutting down on luxuries, downsizing her home and focusing on work. So, how can we learn to deal with debt?

How to cope with debt stress…

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