Closer tells you how to get a bikini body in six weeks!

You could make a real difference to your beach body in six weeks by trying our slimming meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner


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The sun’s shining, it’s just weeks until the summer holidays start and it’s time to buy that all-important bikini. But if the thought of baring all on the beach fills you with horror, we have the perfect shape-up solution for you.

We know you want to enjoy the summer even before you go on holiday, so our six-week bikini body eating plan is packed with diet-friendly summery foods and drinks. Follow our 1,250 cal daily plan* (including 100 cals of milk) to get you in the holiday mood and help you lose that spare tyre.

For maximum results, combine the plan with 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times a week. Cycling, swimming or power walking will help you to tone up and boost your metabolism. Then get ready to bare…


Beach babe tip:

Have 300ml of skimmed milk (100 cals) every day, plus your meals and one treat. Low-fat dairy products are rich in bone-friendly calcium, which research shows may also help boost your metabolism and aid weight loss.


Fruit salad and natural yoghurt

Bowl of fruit salad with 1 pot fat-free natural yoghurt and 2tbsp oats.

Raisin and cream cheese bagel

1 toasted raisin bagel with 1tbsp low-fat soft cheese and a handful of raspberries.

Florida cocktail and scrambled eggs

Half a segmented grapefruit and 1 segmented orange made into a fruit cocktail, plus 1 scrambled egg and 1 slice wholemeal toast.

Muesli and summer berries

3tbsp unsweetened muesli with skimmed milk and a handful each of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

Continental breakfast

2 slices rye bread with 1 slice lean ham, 2tbsp low-fat soft cheese and 1 sliced tomato.


Beach babe tip:

Make the most of the warm weather in your lunch break by going for a power walk, having a gentle jog or playing a game of frisbee with some work colleagues

in your local park.

NYC deli sandwich

Salad NiÇoise

Chicken Caesar pitta

1 wholemeal pitta filled with lettuce, 2 slices chicken breast, 1tbsp Parmesan shavings and 1tbsp reduced-fat Caesar dressing. Plus 1 pot fat-free fruit yoghurt.

Fruity rice salad

Sardines on toast

1 slice wholegrain toast with 1 small can sardines in tomato sauce and salad. Plus 1 small pot fat-free fruit yoghurt.

'Fill up with lots of veg as it’s low in fat and high in fibre'


Beach babe tip:

Fill up with lots of veg as it’s low in fat and high in fibre. But limit your intake of starchy sweetcorn and beans. Some fruits, like bananas, are high in sugar, so stick to the fruit in our plan.

Barbecued halloumi and veg

Barbecue half a red and green pepper, 4 thick slices aubergine, 1 small courgette and 2 thick slices halloumi cheese. Cut 1 ciabatta in half and barbecue lightly on the cut side. Top with the veg and halloumi. Serve with salad.

Spicy pork and pepper kebabs

Mix 130g lean pork cubes with 3tbsp salsa. Cover and chill for 30 minutes. Thread the pork with pepper chunks onto skewers and barbecue until cooked through. Serve with 1 wholemeal pitta, an extra 2tbsp salsa and salad. Plus 1 bowl sugar-free jelly with strawberries and 2tbsp single cream.

Burger and corn-on-the-cob

Jacket potato with guacamole and salsa

1 jacket potato topped with half a tub of reduced-fat guacamole, 3tbsp salsa and salad. Plus a handful of raspberries.

'Enjoying a daily treat will help to keep you motivated'


Beach babe tip:

Enjoying a daily treat will help to keep you motivated. You wouldn’t give up your fave foods normally, so why should you do it when you’re dieting?

Chips and dips

Meringue pavlova

Strawberries and ice cream

1 scoop reduced-fat ice cream with a bowl of strawberries.

Fruit and yoghurt

1 small pot fat-free fruit yoghurt, 1 slice canteloupe melon and a handful of raspberries.

Pimm’s and lemonade

Fill a tall glass with a few ice cubes, sliced orange, lemon, cucumber and fresh mint. Pour over 2 measures of Pimm’s and top up with diet lemonade.

Houmous and crudités

Sea Breeze cocktail

Fill a tall glass with a few ice cubes and pour in 1 measure of vodka and 11/2 measures each of unsweetened cranberry and grapefruit juice.

Sorbet and strawberries

1 scoop of lemon sorbet with a handful of strawberries

Wow: You can still enjoy all of these:

  • Burgers – make your own from lean mince for a protein-rich dinner

that will fill you up.

  • Dips – swap high-fat taramasalata and sour cream for lower-cal guacamole, salsa and tzatziki – and serve with vegetable crudités, not crisps!

  • Pimm’s and lemonade – the perfect

low-cal tipple. Just use diet lemonade.

  • Barbecued kebabs – barbecuing is a healthy way to cook as you don’t add any extra fat except, perhaps, some olive oil. Plus fat from the meat drips out onto the coals.

  • Sorbet – it’s virtually fat-free and contains just half the calories of ice cream.

To get a personalised meal plan that is tailored to your individual preferences go to now!

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