Closer’s #MoneyMondays with Chelsey Harwood

Reality TV star Chelsey Harwood reveals her shopping secrets and what she likes to spend her money on.


by Jack White |
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What was your last splurge buy?

I’m single so I like to give myself presents when I have good news, so kind of like a 'well done' to myself. I bought Collide leather over-the-knee boots from Topshop for £130.

What’s your biggest regret buy?

I bought a Jaguar. It was very executive and I loved it. I literally didn’t have it a month when I ran it on no oil and blew it up! So I lost a bit of money on that.

Needless to say my oil in my current car is always topped up and under the bonnet maintenance is on my weekly list of things to do.


Other than your home and car, what’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

I’m not going to invent something because I want to look cool and plat the big ‘I am’. I’m all about keeping it real and not being excessive. I prefer high street fashion to designer labels. I’m working class and that’s the way I like it! Ask me again in 10 years and I’ll let you know.

What’s your biggest weakness when it comes to spending?

SHOES! I’m obsessed, I have so many. I have favourites that I wear on a regular basis so most of them are new in boxes waiting for the right occasion to wear them.

Also beauty products. I love going to Boots and Superdrug and having a little ball filling my basket.

List the last five things you bought.

Topshop over-the-knee boots

12 pairs of pjs from Primark. I think their pyjamas are the best!

Agent Provocateur lingerie

Three pairs of Nike Hurrache trainers – I’m obsessed with these at the moment!

Yankee Candle, Christmas cookie scented. I love all things Christmas.

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