Closer’s #MoneyMondays with Billie Faiers

TOWIE star Billie Faiers reveals her shopping secrets and what she likes to spend her money on.


by Jack White |
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What was your last splurge buy?

A pair of Louboutin shoes – they’re black, strappy and such a good buy because they go with everything!

What was your last regret buy?

I always buy clothes and then I regret it because I can’t fit it in my dressing room. It’s out of control!


How are you with managing your money?

I’m really good, I know what comes out every month bill wise and if I had a good month I always treat Nelly, Greg and I with something nice. And I always save for a nice holiday!

Other than your home and car, what's the most expensive thing you've ever bought?

Probably business class flights for when I go on holiday!

What's your biggest weakness when it comes to spending?

If there is a new pair of shoes, or a new bag out, I’m such an impulse buyer - I have to have it!

Please list the last five things you bought, how much they cost and a little description about them.

£425 on a Louboutin wedges for my holiday to Dubai

£100 on some nice tops and baby grows for Nelly from Childsplay

£120 on bikinis and sunglasses from ASOS for my holiday

£150 on toiletries for my holiday, bits and bobs like suntan lotion

£1.69 on a bottle of water and some mini cheddars

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