Solar Eclipse March 2015: How to harness the astrological power of the eclipse

Closer's astrologer Yasmin Boland gives you her top ten tips to making your life better - with a little help from this week's eclipse.

Closer’s astrologer: 6 tips for making your dreams come true this eclipse

by Closer Staff |
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As you have probably heard by now (even BBC news has been covering it) there's an eclipse this week. We may or may not be able to see it here in the UK, depending on how cloudy it is on the day. But either way, we can all use it to change our lives!

Eclipses happen about four or five times a year, usually in pairs.

In the old days, there were considered scary – and no wonder! With no warning at all, the skies would go dark, the birds would stop singing, the dogs would start howling and afterwards, anything bad which happened would be blamed on "that weird day when the skies went black…"

Hence, eclipses had a bad reputation!

These days, we can tell you with pinpoint accuracy where and when an eclipse will take place. They are no longer seen as harbingers of doom but rather as times when we can change our lives, or even realign with our life purpose.

They are the ideal time to set our intentions for the coming 12 months.

If that sounds like something you would like to do, here are some ideas about how to do it.


    Note that the eclipse takes place this Friday at 9.36am – the closer you do your wishes to that moment the better, but you can actually still tap into the eclipse energy up to Sunday.

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