Celebrate in style with these perfect baby shower ideas


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Make your baby shower Instagram perfect with these amazing party ideas

You've probably clicked on this page because you're attending a baby shower and have no idea what to get as a present. Is it your sister? Your best friend? Someone you don't know that well but need to attend for social reason?

Whoever you're buying for, we've found presents to suit all situations, personalities and (perhaps most importantly!) budgets.

From the daily essentials, to some fun things to play with other guests at the shower, and cute decorations to make the day look as Instagrammable as possible - take a browse through these ideas for the next baby shower you attend.

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Teat baby shower
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They may be boring, but they'll be so useful. And they're guaranteed to be one of those things that the mum herself has forgotten to get in the run up to the birth, so you'd be doing her a massive favour!

LED tea lights baby shower
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Tea lights are super pretty, but the fire hazard just isn't worth it. Get 48 LED ones for tuppence and save yourself the stress.

Large mason jar baby shower
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Mason jars are so versatile. You could literally put anything in here! Food storage, flowers - the possibilities are endless.

Polka Dot Popcorn Treat Boxes baby shower
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These wouldn't necessarily go down well as a gift, per se, but if you're helping to organise the party, these little popcorn boxes could be quite handy for party favours.

Baby grow bunting
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Baby grows are just SO CUTE! Why WOULDN'T you want to decorate your home with them?! Answer us that.

I am loved baby onesie
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Again, baby grows are just so cute. And this simplistic but adorable little onesie is perfect and sure to make the mum-to-be super emotional, so just make sure you buy her some tissues too, ok?

Pack of Sharpie permanent markers
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You will DEFINITELY be needing pens for whatever baby shower games you're planning, and it'll just be so much easier to get a pack of pens than rootling through drawers for biros near the end of their life. Alternatively, if you're making a memories book for your pal, get people to sign it in different colours.

Baby Shower Invitations
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Yes, we know you'll probably make a Facebook event to invite people to the shower, but there's something so nice about receiving a paper envelope through the post. It'll be a lovely keepsake to show the baby when they're all grown up.

Baby Shower Bingo
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Haven't thought of any games to play yet? Don't worry one bit - we've unearthed this baby shower bingo to have a go at. Got those Sharpies handy?

Personalised Baby Shower Fingerprint Tree
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This is another wonderful idea to pull out at a baby shower. You could do it there and then at the party and keep it as a memento.

Baby shower balloons
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It's only right - at hen dos you have a giant inflatable penis, so at a baby shower you should have a giant inflatable dummy! It just makes good sense!

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