The best iPad cases that really are kid-proof

Your toddler loves your iPad, but your insurance policy doesn't - protect your gadget with a robust child-proof iPad case

The best kids' ipad covers

by William Lobley |

iPads are fantastic gadgets for children. Not only are these child-friendly tablets intuitive and super simple to use, but the huge range of apps available means they're educational, fun, and help harness a child’s creativity whilst getting them comfortable with technology from a young age.

These are all valuable things – but then, so is your iPad…

If your child is using an iPad, it's essential that you pick yourself up a kid-proof case. There are two reasons for this. The first is that you want to protect your investment - iPads are reasonably tough and can take a knock or two, but they aren’t quite up to taking what a child can put them through. The second is that iPads are very thin, smooth and light – making them difficult to hold for a child. With the right case, you can protect your expensive gadget and add some bulk to the device, making it easier for a child to use.

We’ve put a range of cases to the test, subjecting them to some rough and ready treatment, to make sure that they’re up to the job of protecting your device. Below you’ll find a list of the cases that we know are up to the task.

A quick note: Make sure you check each listing carefully for a comprehensive list of compatible models.

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