EXCLUSIVE! Kelsey Stratford reveals secret Clelia Theodorou ‘feud’

“I feel like I do need to talk to Clelia”

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by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Another day, another TOWIE feud but this time it seems that there’s some drama between Kelsey Stratford and Clelia Theodorou.

The duo appeared to be good friends during the last series but it seems that Kelsey becoming friends with Chloe Brockett again may have affected her friendship with Clelia.

If you cast your mind back to when Olivia Attwood was still on the show, you’ll remember that Chloe Brockett did not get on with the Love Island star and her friends Clelia and Nicole Bass.

Things haven’t gotten better between the pair and they had an explosive row during the TOWIE Christmas episode.

And now that Kelsey is pals with Chloe again, it appears that things have changed with her friendship with Clelia.

[Things are] fine with me and Nicole but it is awkward with Clelia.

“I feel like Clelia has been funny with me ever since I’ve been friends with Chloe Brockett. So that’s a bit of a strange one,” she exclusively told Closer online.

During our chat she went on to say, “That’s just TOWIE for you. There’s drama at every angle.

“I’m not sure what’s going to happen with that [the Clelia drama]. I feel like I do need to talk to Clelia about it because I’m a bit confused about the whole situation, but we’ll see what happens.”


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Kelsey also opened up about the current series and teased “a lot more drama” ahead.

“I know a few more people that aren’t getting on at the minute but I’m not allowed to say.

“Maybe a new relationship blossoming, maybe…”

Err, who could she be talking about? Pete Wicks and Chloe Sims reuniting? Harry Lee and Ella Wise? Or Chloe Brockett and Jack Fincham? They've been pretty cryptic on Instagram...

And it seems that Kelsey is keen to have more scenes with OG TOWIE star Amy Childs.

“I feel like we’re very alike and she’s very funny to be around. She’s the most Essex person I’ve ever met in my life,” she admitted.

Well, it looks like we just might get to see that because Kelsey is set to run the marathon in May to raise money for SMA – an illness her little sister Kennedy suffers from – and she’s going to get some of her cast members to take part too.

She told us, “I’m going to get Chloe Brockett involved, all the boys and some of the older cast members like Amy Childs and Harry Derbidge.”

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Opening up about the charity marathon, Kelsey admitted that she actually decided to do it earlier this year when she spotted it on the SMA Instagram page.

"I thought it would be a really good way to raise money and awareness for SMA because I do other charity work for them anyway. So, I thought it would be a fun way to do it with my family and cast members.

"We can do it during the whole month of May so it doesn’t have to be one day, which is better for me because I’m so unfit," she joked.

And if you want to take part too, Kelsey has revealed that you don't actually have to complete it in a day.

"You can do the whole 26 miles during the whole of May. So you can walk it, run it, swim it, you can do anything you want just as long as you get the miles in.

"I think I’m going to do all of them just to switch it up a little bit. I’m really excited to do it," she added.

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