Eagle-eyed Our Girl viewers spot CPR blunder by Michelle Keegan’s character

Michelle Keegan as Georgie Lane

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Our Girl viewers spot CPR blunder by Michelle Keegan's character

Our Girl viewers were left scratching their heads after they saw some puzzling medical action at the hands of Michelle Keegan's character, Corporal Georgie Lane. After rushing to the aid of an unconscious woman, Georgie began assisting by performing CPR on her - but fans of the show were a bit confused by the way she gave chest compressions.

After a vicious beating by a man with a stick, Maya, a sex worker from the village Georgie was stationed at, didn't have long to live, causing Georgie to try and save her in the street instead of rushing her to hospital.

Our Girl

But when medic Georgie attempted to resuscitate Maya using chest compressions, she appeared to be doing them on Maya's stomach - leaving many fans not surprised that the character later died.

Our Girl

Georgie and her fellow soldiers are taking the series through areas of Nigeria, Belize and Bangladesh where there seems to be a growing drugs problem - particularly with the drug Yaba.

Unfortunately, users are sadly being murdered by the trafficker, as seen in last night's episode when Maya was murdered in the street.

But this isn't the first time that Corporal Lane and Michelle Keegan's medical methods have been questioned by fans, as she came under fire for her previous attempts to revive an ill child in an earlier episode.

Our Girl fans are also unhappy about the fact that Captain Charles James, played by Ben Aldridge, had split from previous frontwoman Lacey Turner's character, Molly Dawes - and it's now looking as though he might move on with Georgie.

Our Girl continues on Monday 23rd July on BBC1 at 9pm.

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