It’s too early for this! This Morning viewers stunned as woman gets a “designer vagina” LIVE on air

This Morning's designer vagina segment

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This Morning's Holly Willoughby interviewed a woman having a designer vagina procedure live on today's show

Viewers were stunned when they tuned in to see the intimate surgery being performed as they tucked into their breakfasts.

Many took to Twitter to share their dismay over the risque segment.

One wrote: "It's too early for 'designer vagina' surgery live #ThisMorning" while another said: "This woman getting a designer vagina on This Morning. Can't cope!"

Another added "this is far too much for a Wednesday morning!" while others asked "#ThisMorning. Live Designer Vagina surgery?! Really! For Pete's sake!" 🤢

Others tweeted: "Getting a designer vagina seriously? Live on tv... world's gone mad," and "Eating breakfast and they're talking about a designer vagina🤢 #ThisMorning."

Presenter Holly said their volunteer, Annie Wardle, was very "brave" for coming on the show to have the talked about procedure.

**WATCH: Designer vagina procedure performed LIVE on This Morning


She asked the 37-year-old why she wanted to have the treatment.

Annie said she wasn't having the non-invasive op - which takes up to an hour to perform - for cosmetic reasons but because she wanted to tighten her pelvic floor.

She said: "It’s not aesthetic. Ten years ago I would never have dreamed of doing this, it’s about maintence, to tighten the muscles up. As I've got older, the skin all over my body isn't as elastic."

This Morning's designer vagina segment
Annie Wardle volunteered to have the £1,200 procedure live on This Morning(credit: ITV) ©(credit: ITV)

Dr Shirin Makhani performed the surgery as the cameras rolled, while Holly's co-presenter Phillip Schofield kept well-away from proceedings on the other side of the studio.

Annie said it wasn't painful and compared it to "having a hot stone massage."

Dr Makhani said women should have the op, which costs £1,200, if they want to combat stress incontinence and boost their confidence. She praised the show for talking about the issue, as she said many women are suffering in silence.

She then described how she was using a "probe" on Annie to perform the procedure, which sparked a number of Tweets from viewers who felt the show had gone too far and had become "daytime porn".

It's not the first time This Morning has caused a stir. They got into hot water by showing a feature on bondage when the Fifty Shades Of Grey film was released, and more recently interviewed a man who had made a sex robot.

One unimpressed viewer said: "Last time I'm watching #ThisMorning it's about "Samantha Sex Doll" and now this, "Designer Vagina!" Seriously! @thismorning Have a think pls."

However, others praised the show for raising the issue with one tweeting: "I think the 'Desginer Vagina' conversation on #ThisMorning is important & shouldn't be taboo. The GP talked sense too about pressures."

The designer vagina feature wasn't the only subject which caused a debate on today's show. Opinions were also divided by Holly's choice of outfit, with some saying her dress was "awful".

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