EXCLUSIVE Love Island 2022 stars who DIDN’T workout in the villa

Really, though? REALLY?

Gemma Ekin Su workout

by Ben Pulsford |

It's always refreshing to get a reminder from our favourite celebrities that they are, in fact, just like us. In a world of filters, #ads and blue ticks, it's so rare these days.

Well, dumped 2022 bombshells Billy, Nathalia and Deji did just then when they revealed how much our Islanders actually do (or don't) work out inside the villa and, as it turns out, they really are more like us that we thought (ish).

Before we start, you should know that our idea of a good workout is a rock-solid five minutes on the cross trainer watching Love Island: Unseen Bits, followed by a filtered Instagram post, followed by ten minutes in the steam room, followed by twenty minutes in the jacuzzi and then an hour in the cafe sipping an almond cappuccino with a slight glisten upon our foreheads, patting ourselves on the back for a job well done. In our heads we're also splitting a biscuit with Gemma's mum, as a little treat to ourselves, too.

Now, you only have to quickly glance at this year's batch of Islanders to guess that's probably not their regular workout routine day-to-day, but what about actually inside the Love Island villa itself?

Love Island cast work out

When you think about what Islanders do in their downtime you probably start singing that song from High School Musical Two (well, we do), "A dip in the pool, a trip to the spa and those days in my shades... pumping SERIOUS steel." No, according to these bombshells there is far less working out going on that you'd think; to be fair, after all that exhausting grafting early on, no wonder they want a little downtime in the sunshine as they reach the final hurdle.

When asked what working out was like in the Love Island villa, Billy said, "It was sick. You've got big boys like Jay, Davide, who I made good connections with."

Nathalia added, "I got a chance to work out once and Davide was making all sorts of noises!"

Davide Love Island

When asked if there was anyone who didn't work out while on Love Island, they all named Deji (including Deji; seriously, just when we thought we couldn't love this guy more).

Deji said, "It was not possible, man!" He wasn't exactly busy with his Love Island schedule, so we can only assume he's taking about the average 35°C temperatures. Fair.

Nathalia added, "Most people don't work out, to be fair."

Billy added, "No one does."

Deji piped in, saying, "I was just in the shade." Ah, there we go.

Billy elaborated, "Ekin was the only girl [that worked out]. And then me, Davide, Andrew [and] Jay."

Has Adam Collard just made some deal with the devil for those abs then?

Deji added, "Sometimes in the morning Dami would work out."

Nathalia continued, "And obviously when me and Lacey came in we got a work out in, but that was it."

They ARE just like us. But they don't have a steam room or a jacuzzi.

Love Island gym

So, no big surprises there then; Davide and Jay - the Islanders who are arguably more abs than man – were the gym bunnies, while everyone else was doing whatever else it is that Islanders do (eating, drinking out of personalised water bottles, getting texts, looking for good vibes etc).

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