EXCLUSIVE Love Island stars reveal SECRET re-coupling that wasn’t screened

Hang on, what? Now we feel cheated...


by Nathan Katnoria |

Love Island viewers will know that the Casa Amor re-coupling is one of the most dramatic moments from the series as the Islanders find out whether or not their partner has stayed loyal while they’ve been separated.

However, we were shocked to find out that isn’t the only re-coupling that takes place before Casa Amor comes to an end. It turns out that the Islanders have to ask the bombshells to couple up with them in a separate re-coupling that happens before the one we see onscreen.

Dumped bombshells George Tasker and Jazmine Nichol spilled ALL the tea about the secret re-coupling when we caught up with them.

George and Jazmine revealed all about the secret re-coupling

George told Closer, “When we woke up, we had about an hour to eat and then it was like, ‘Okay, girls sit around the fire pit and boys stand in a line’.”

“Oh my God, you didn’t have a chance to get ready or anything? We had about five hours to hype ourselves up,” Jazmine chimed in.

George continued, “No, everyone’s just chilling thinking, ‘What’s going on?’ and then all of a sudden there’s a recoupling. We’re like, ‘Oh no!’ because we all thought we had another day to talk but we didn’t.

“The day before was more of a down day so we thought, “Okay, tomorrow we have one more day’ and then all of a sudden, nope, we have to re-couple.”

The Islanders actually re-couple with the Casa Amor bombshells in a secret unaired ceremony

Jazmine said, “All of us girls were huddling around crying. I was like ‘Girls, it’s fine!” and they were like, “Just because you know you’re going’. I was like, “I know but everyone just breathe’.

“It was mad. We were there all day knowing [we were going home] so all the boys were just chilling in the pool going, ‘Oh yeah, that was good fun. It’s a shame.'”

One question, producers, why didn’t we get to see this on our screens please?

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