This Love Actually fan theory changes everything…

How did we not see this before?!

Love Actually

by Owen Tonks |
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If you're anything like us, you'll have watched Love Actually so many times you basically know it word for word.

But we've just discovered that there’s an extra romance in the movie that we totally missed.

And now that Christmas is just around the corner - which means that watching Love Actually is inevitable! - we just had to share this exciting new fan theory with you!

Karen Daniel Love Actually Liam Neeson Emma Thompson

Twitter user @thisjenlewis was watching the film recently when she suddenly realised that Daniel, played by Liam Neeson, is totally in love with Karen, played by Emma Thompson.

As you know - in the film, Karen is a mother and teacher who finds out that her husband (boo!) has been having an affair with her colleague Mia (grr!).

Meanwhile, Daniel has recently lost his wife (sob!) and is caring for his step-son who has developed a crush on an American girl from school with an awesome singing voice (aww!).

But, according to Jen, we all TOTALLY missed the best bit, because she recksons that Karen and Daniel are the key to one another’s happiness because!

Love Actually
Love Actually ©Love Actually

Why? Well, her theory is all based on the fact that when Daniel bumps into model Claudia Schiffer at the end of the film, he calls her Karen. Duh!

Jan is convinced it’s because Karen is firmly on his mind despite the beautiful Claudia standing in front of him.

Karen Daniel Love Actually Liam Neeson Emma Thompson

However, Liam spoke out in a bid to claim there was a flaw in this theory, telling “She’s my sister. That is sick. I can’t believe you said that. She’s my sister!”

But we’re pretty sure he’s mistaken as in the movie they were just friends.

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