I’m A Celebrity viewers slam ‘bully’ James Haskell after he rages at ‘stupid’ campmates

The rugby star had a right old barney with his campmates

James Haskell on I'm A Celebrity

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I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’s James Haskell has angered viewers after he hit out at his campmates and branded them ‘stupid’ in a furious jungle row.

Scenes that aired in last night’s show (30th November) saw James lose his rag with the other celebrities when they were trying to decide who would face the latest Bushtucker Trial.

Former Eastenders star Cliff Parisi was keen to put himself up for the trial having been ruled out of a number of previous trials on medical grounds, but rugby player James tried to insist on drawing names out of a hat.

I'm A Celebrity's James Haskell

The pair then continued to clash over who would be the best campmate to take part in the trial before names were picked at random and it was decided Rak-Su’s Myles Stephenson would join Cliff.

Andrew Maxwell then asked James if he was okay as he appeared to be ‘really edgy’, to which he replied, “It’s just that unnecessary debate when people don’t listen. I don’t have to listen to people’s incessant stupidity going round, I can’t abide over talkers and dawdlers.”

CHECK OUT I'm A Celebrity's most DISGUSTING Bushtucker Trials


I'm A Celebrityu2026 Get Me Out Of Here: 15 truly DISGUSTING bushtucker trials - SLIDER

I'm A Celebrityu2026 Get Me Out Of Here1 of 15
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15. Carl (Foggy) Fogarty Bushtucker trial - The one where... he drinks blood!

Call him a vampire, seriously.During series 14 Carl Fogarty aka Foggy had to drink deer's blood – blood, liver and kidney in a Bushtucker trial.While drinking it you could see the blood around his mouth and we have to admit he kind of resembled the Joker… Foggy was an absolute champ and completed the task. He later went on to win the series.

I'm A Celebrityu2026 Get Me Out Of Here2 of 15
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14. Kieron Dyer Bushtucker trial - The one where... he hunts through rotten meat and flies

One of the most stomach-turning tasks was in series 15 when Kieron Dyer had to find two tiny stars in a room full of rotting meat and flies.The noise of the flies buzzing was enough to put us off, but it's not until you look at the black meat and realise that it's not actually black it's red but the thousands of flies makes it appear black…

I'm A Celebrityu2026 Get Me Out Of Here3 of 15
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13. Katie Price Bushtucker trial - The one where... Flies for lunch?

When Katie Price returned to the jungle during series nine she had to eat a fried bug, flies and a cockroach milkshake. Katie ate the fried bug and the flies, but she declined drinking the milkshake.She then had to drive through cobwebs and HUGE spiders to get more stars.

I'm A Celebrityu2026 Get Me Out Of Here4 of 15
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12. Fatima Whitbread Bushtucker trial - The one where... She snorts a cockroach

We doubt any I'm A Celebrity fan will ever forgot this task.During series 11 Fatima Whitbread had a head to head trial with Pat Sharp, but during this trial, a cockroach got STUCK UP HER NOSE!She did have 7,500 cockroaches surrounding her face – so it shouldn't come as a surprise that one was cheeky enough to crawl up her nose. She soldiered through the task and continued doing the trial with the cockroach up her nose, after the task with the help from Bob she managed to blow it out of her nose.

I'm A Celebrityu2026 Get Me Out Of Here5 of 15
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11. Brian Harvey Bushtucker trial - The one where... He gets pie faced

This task was pretty mission impossible.Poor Brian Harvey had to collect stars from 10 pies using just his mouth. The pies already had creepy crawlies on them but he was then joined by a whopping one and a half million flies.That's pretty crazy. He managed to get two stars before giving up. We don't blame him.

I'm A Celebrityu2026 Get Me Out Of Here6 of 15
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10. George Shelley Bushtucker trial - The one where... He rips opens a few pig bits

This one was very questionable. In a task called 'Cloudy with a Chance of Pigs Balls' George Shelley had to rip open some pigs bits to find three stars. They hit him in the head a few times as well, poor guy.

I'm A Celebrityu2026 Get Me Out Of Here7 of 15
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9. Alison Hammond and Kayla Collins Bushtucker trial - The one where... There's insects in the dentist

Most people don't enjoy going to the dentist, but we reckon if they had to go to this dentist they wouldn't turn up to their appointment.Alison Hammond and Kayla Collins had to sit and put insects (that are still alive) in their mouths for 20 seconds. The creatures included grasshoppers, giant burrowing cockroaches, water spiders, yabbies and a stick insect.The girls did pretty well, we don't think we could have gone through with any of them.

I'm A Celebrityu2026 Get Me Out Of Here8 of 15
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8. Katie Price and Kim Woodburn Bushtucker trial – The one where... Kangaroo bits for lunch anyone?

Every single eating trial makes us feel ill but during Katie Price and Kim Woodburn's Bushtucker Trial we couldn't help but feel VERY sorry for them. They had to eat fish eyes, a cricket, a cockroach, a witchetty grub and a few unsightly bits from a kangaroo.Katie refused to do a few and Kim admitted she'd been sick twice but swallowed it back!

I'm A Celebrityu2026 Get Me Out Of Here9 of 15
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7. Joe Swash Bushtucker trial - The one where... He eats a crocodile's bits

We think this is the worst eating trial we've ever seen. Joe had to eat a bit from crocodile no one wants to eat and it's clear from the clip below that he struggled to eat it. He was literally gagging, heaving, crying, dribbling. Ugh.

I'm A Celebrityu2026 Get Me Out Of Here10 of 15
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6. Shaun Ryder Bushtucker trial – The one where... He has a Snakebite (no, not the drink)

This has got to be the toughest trial we've ever seen. Sean Ryder put his hand in a box and the snake literally bit his hand so hard he bled and it took two people to get the snake off it. We were never really fond of snakes but this has just made it clear we should steer away from jungle snakes.

I'm A Celebrityu2026 Get Me Out Of Here11 of 15
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5. Helen Flanagan and Nadine Dorries Busktucker trial – Fermented egg and soliders?

We've seen a few celebrities eat a fermented egg (Ashley Roberts even drank one in a smoothie) but during series 12 Helen Flanagan and Nadine Dorries had to eat the whole fermented egg.Nadine couldn't do it but surprisingly along with a few gags Helen did it. We didn't think she'd do it considering her track record with trials…

I'm A Celebrityu2026 Get Me Out Of Here12 of 15
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4. Ashley Roberts Bushtucker trial - The one where... Fish eye is on the menu

A lot of celebrities have done this challenge and every time we watch it we feel very, very sick. But Ashley Roberts got through to the final of I'm A Celebrity and in order to win a three course meal she had to eat a few creatures on the way – fish eyes included.Out of all the other celebrities who have eaten a fish eye we chose Ashey's purely because when she started to bite it you could hear the eye pop in her mouth.

I'm A Celebrityu2026 Get Me Out Of Here13 of 15
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3. Ferne McCann Bushtucker Trial - Panic Pit featuring snakes

Ferne had to lie UNDERGROUND with a bunch of snakes on her - 42 snakes.But we don't even think Ant and Dec were prepared when that humungous snake (one the size of our arms) joined Ferne and they turned the lights off right when it wrapped itself round around Ferne's neck.Ant even described the trial as "One of the toughest trial they've ever had."

I'm A Celebrityu2026 Get Me Out Of Here14 of 15
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2. The one where... I’m A Celebrity contestants get more than bed bugs

This task must have been extremely difficult; the campmates had an overnight trial with bed bugs. They were locked in a glass box full of creatures ranging from cockroaches, crickets, snakes and rats.Sinitta gave up straight away but the others tried to wait it out even Mark Wright - who screamed and was petrified of rats - lasted longer than Sinitta.

I'm A Celebrityu2026 Get Me Out Of Here15 of 15
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1. Ferne McCann - The one where... She eats that spider

Save the worst till last right?We will never forgot this trial.Poor Ferne as if she hadn't been through enough, she ate a witchetty grub, a lambs brain, and bulls penis she then had to eat a spider.We say spider it was more like a tarantula. Seriously it was HUGE. We actually don't know how she did it. You can literally hear it moving around in the glass AND crunch in her mouth when she's chewing it!Not only that I'm A Celebrity received nearly 1500 complaints. Eek!

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James then clashed with his campmates AGAIN later in the episode when they were trying to choose the right answer in the Dingo Dollar Challenge.

While James wanted the campmates to choose the right answer by putting their hands up, Kate Garraway thought the celebrities should discuss the options in detail.

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James later raged, “It irritates the p--s out of me because it’s that simple. Explain the question, answer the question A or B, it’s a circus of stupidity.

“I can’t do it, I’m too intelligent and too switched on, just put your hands right up, let someone count them, right the majority win, shut up and lets move on.”

This led viewers to take to social media and slam him for ‘bullying’ his campmates.

One fan wrote, “Please vote James out when the opportunity comes, he’s making me not want to watch #ImACeleb! He’s such a patronising bully!”

“James is a bully and needs to treat people with respect,” added another.

A third tweeted, “James still likes to be in charge and tell everyone how to feel or react to things. Guess what James, Caitlyn is the leader now not you, get a grip.”

That’s him told!

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